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Beauty blogger


Skeeter & Scout by Lucy Pilz is an Australian Beauty Blog (formerly Love Luc) and was birthed at the start of 2012 after a very crazy/fun/scary year spent in foreign land (of Austria). And has picked up speed ever since – luck, I suppose! There has been some pretty awesome times on the site, from awards, nominations, high(er than usual) traffic volume months and most recently with the addition of one fancy new button thanks to my Kidspot Voices Top 5 Beauty and Lifestyle nomination! Enjoy a laugh.

I have appeared on Primped (more than a few times, eek), had the serious honour and #FanGirl moment when I interviewed THE ZFB (That is Zoe Foster-Blake for those not in the know) and then she replied to a tweet and I appeared on the Go-To Insty page (and cried a little more)… it was all a fuzzy ball of excitement, really! But, I can’t forget, that it all really did start with a little ego bruising from a Writing Frau and a pretty big win over at Beauty Heaven with a Blogger of the Year crown a few months into my adventure. I sometimes like to toot my horn (I am a middle child, so let the girl have her time to shine in a tepid light) so thanks for reading.

I also once got a gold star in Preschool – I am still reeling from that #MumWasProud!


If you would like to interview or feature Skeeter & Scout on your blog/ brand site/ local newspaper/ home bulletin board (whatever floats your boat), then throw me an email (or a Pigeon carrier) at Whilst I am happy to chat beauty, fashion, classic ballads and how to disguise eye bags, I unfortunately can’t answer your queries about Men or politics!


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