Skeeter and Scout by Lucy Pilz is an Australian beauty blog written and edited by me, Lucy Pilz.

I will endeavour to do my best to credit images where credit is necessary. 

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Views and opinions expressed in this blog are purely those of my own. I will only endorse product that I feel are appropriate to the audience and that I believe in. I do not write about products that I do not like – I am not one for negativity.

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This blog is an Australian Beauty blog. However, it is also an Australian Lifestyle blog, thus, I will endeavour to cover topics on beauty, lifestyle, fitness and some fashion. I am by no means a fashion blogger – I go all awkward in front of the camera!

The owner of this blog is not compensated for opinion on products, services or websites (unless stipulated – in which it the post will be marked “sponsored” or similar). I will ascertain to give an honest opinion, thus, if you submit a product for review, and I review it, I will give an honest opinion in my post.

If you send a product to be ‘reviewed’, please note, this does not guarantee a review or mention. I only write about product that is relevant, that I have personally tried (sorry, if you send an image, it makes it very difficult for me to write about) and that fit in to an article. Please remember this when approaching me. My time is short (as I work full time), so if you are after content, then please ask for my sponsored rates – I am always happy to help.

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