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Skeeter and Scout by Lucy Pilz is a beauty and lifestyle blog.

Skeeter and Scout is a no-shit-sherlock destination for all beauty and lifestyle lovers. It is a blog dedicated to beauty, travel, lifestyle and dating (London style)! 

This is NOT a bullshit site you might find on other blogs, but a real, class-A normal guide to a fabulous life… minus the attitude that you would stumble across with others. I am basically your own personal guide to a fun life (yes, I like to stroke my ego sometimes). I am all about cheap thrills, beauty spills, fashion for the real-girl (hey, I am a stocky and short little lass after all), interviews with real peeps (but wouldn’t have an issue with interviewing some flashy star).

The goal of Skeeter and Scout, is to bring a little sunshine to your day through laughter, self-deprication and maybe a little bit of MiLK Model Management and an insight into the world of dating in London (cause Lord knows if I will ever not be Bridget Jones)! Who knows, I might just quench your insatiable thirst for new content that you will keep coming back for more #FingersCrossed #CanWeBeFriends?

lucy pilz


 Once a Sydney dweller, I am now a Londoner

I am a Digital Influencer and Talent agent at MiLK Model Management in London by day, blogger by night.

With a degree in International Communications, a cert IV in Fashion Business and a masters in Professional Writing, I am a lover of all kinds of communication; especially of the written and digital variety. You could call me wanderlusting (and beauty and lifestyle loving) wordsmith.



I have ninja like skills when it comes to swatting bugs and spiders… oh dear god, I hate spiders. Like, for reals – vomit.cry.curl up in the foetal position after I see one.

I overuse the word ‘haha’

I am single. Like seriously single! Thus, you get to laugh at my terrible dating stores whilst I cry into my bucket of ice-cream. Lol, jokes – i would NEVER waste a bucket of ice-cream with salty tears.

Rain on a tin roof in the countryside is my idea of nirvana

I DO think Vegemite is far more superior to Marmite #JudgeAwayMyBritishReaders

I love hotels. And buffets. The two together is like heaven in one vicinity and something I like to indulge in. Regularly. My bank account… not such a fan!

I am a Pisces, a creative, a day dreamer but a massive emotionally-rung person.. I cry in stressful situations (have I told you about my fear of spiders).

I have a deep passion for Degas, chandeliers, Peonies, Pugs + Daschhunds, German Film, Spanish and Italian food, candles, Hydrangeas, diet coke and face creams.

This one time, up the coast, I got chased by a stingray. I have also had a WWII bomb detonate up the road from me when I lived in Austria.

One side of my lip is bigger than the other. I am not averse to having the odd lip filler/ injection to counteract this (savings dependent ha)!