Babyliss curl secret for curls that hold

Now, I am known for a little over-embelilishment at times. That, I cannot lie. However, at least twice a week, I get a compliment on my hair and how I style it. People often ask if I have had it professionally styled and the answer always is… no (I am too poor to afford a blow out ha #LondonLivingIsExpensive)!

Legitimately, I am actually terrible at styling my hair. The reason being is that my hair NEVER holds a ghd curl. Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE my ghd, however, I only use it for straightening as I have to admit defeat when it comes to a ghd style sesh holding longer than an hour 🙁  My hair is naturally super straight so maintaining a curl is beyond comprehension for my follicles (so it would seem). That is until I discovered the BaByliss Curl Secret (actually I discovered the BaByliss Pro Perfect Curl but they dont seem to stock on their UK site anymore – but i found it on Amazon here)  3 years ago and I have been flooded with compliments ever since.

You see, this little machine is like the lazy-girls guide to curls. Not only is it fool proof – clamp tool around hair and hold – but it is also so inexpensive for the cost per use. I have severely dry hair, so styling my hair is something that I try to reduce in terms of frequency (along with washing it). So, in my once a week hair wash pilgrimage, I will curl it once, and then every day for 5-7 days after, I wake up with a different level of curl (as it softly falls across the week). Basically meaning I have a different look every day. Literally, it is the best investment i have ever made (not to mention I have sold –I am a raver of the things that work – the styler to at least over 30 people just in conversation. I should be a door-to-door saleswoman, I swear ha).

Babyliss curl secret for curls that hold

The trick for me is in the mousse + heat protection + hairspray combo – you have to use all three for not just colour and heat protection, but for the curl to hold. Then after the curl has cooled, I use my Tangle Teezer (literally, what would I be without it) and brush through. Then, et voila, 1920s-esque wave/ curl that drops so beautifully throughout the week.

Whilst I am all about raving about this bad boy, I will mention; the only downfall is that it doesnt last over 2 years. I have to buy my third one shortly as I  have started seeing that the right curl mechanic isn’t functioning as well as the left (which is what happened to me about 1.5 years ago) so a new one is on my to-buy list.

So, there you have it – my secret for curls that last over 3 days thanks to the BaByliss Curl Secret. Literally, a girl’s best friend.
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