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Hi, My name is Lucy, and I am a hairspray aficionado. Like seriously: I live and breathe hairspray (how sad is that), and have done so for many years. The obsession started in my Ballet days, where ‘rock hard hair’ was the way to make friends at dance, and tights and hairspray were a match made in ‘non-slip’ heaven. Being that my hair does not hold so well (and requires copious amounts of hairspray these days #Almost30), I would say that I am pretty knowledgeable in the area. So, figured I should do as Ghandi would do: and enlighten you all as to what sprays you should have in your life. So, let us proceed with this path of enlightenment….

Sam McKnight Modern Hairspray

Cause every girl needs a multi-tasking (Mc)Knight in matte black armour in their life, this holy grail of hairsprays will blow your mind with its scent, heat protection, volume increasing, lived-in look producing and style protecting kinda vibes. Sam McKnight is after all a hair genius (190 International VOGUE covers kinda whizz kid) so it is hardly difficult to understand why I am addicted to all his range of hair products.

If you are after an Instagram-worthy, hair tantalising and delicately sexily-scented hairspray, then you’ve come to the right place.

Morocconoil Luminous Hairspray 

Not one to partake in mediocrity, I obviously invest in the strong strength for this – go hard or go home! This perfect blend of hydrating (thanks to argan oil) and hold finds common ground with the rest of their range thanks to the all-encapuslting nasal nirvana that is the token Morocconoil scent.

In. Love!

Original Mineral Hairspray

Original & Mineral Original Queenie Hairspray

Now, there is an element of bias for this product, namely because it is Australian and I am a massive sucker for Aussie brands. But let me tell you, it isn’t just that it is an Aussie brand – this product legit makes me weak at the knees cause it is E.X.C.E.L.L.E.N.T!

Leveraging the Australian flora, this aptly pinked out can of sweet smell goodness is chock-full of nourishing hair goodies such as Lilly Pilly and Quandong. The concoction offers long-lasting hold without a stick residue and doesn’t weigh your locks down. Expect smooth, sleek and salon-style results with every use.

John Frieda Sonde Crystal Clear Hairspray

Being a lover of bold hair looks, I am often in need of a spray that gives me mega hold and banishes fly-aways. Sometimes, being a blondie means my locks are left with a white residue #Yuk. This is why I like to invest in a hairspray fit for a Blonde-Queen, and this bad boy bows at my hairs’ alter.

Not only is it non-yellowing, but provides non-dulling mist, prevents static, is flake resistant (nobody likes a flakey Fiona) and comes out in a fine mist. 

L’Oreal Infinium Hairspray 

Nothing says iconic like the L’Oreal haircare range. Having grown up having my hair cemented to my crown via excessive use of hairspray for dance concerts, I know the euphoria I would get when I finally stumbled across a brand that 1. understood that brick hard were never conducive to staying power (that a little COULD and WOULD go a long way to holding. And 2. Didn’t have the horrendous fumigation aftermath. L’Oreal has, and always will be one of those brands that does basic pricing but never scrimps on the quality

Kerastase Laque Noir Hairspray 

Crappy is a word that is NEVER used in the same sentence with Kerastase, because ‘basic’ isn’t in their vocabulary. The minute you come into contact with this bottle of brilliance, you will see why I rave about it so. Sure, it is a superb hairspray, one I use quite frequently in fact, but it is so much more then just a hairspray. Oh! God yes!

What is so ab fab about this spray is the anti-humidity capabilities, the micro-fine spray that leaves no residue and the ‘fly-aways be gone’ effect it has by protecting your locks from moisture that causes frizz (thus, perfect for two-seasons-in-one-day type of climates aka London)! It also boosts hair radiance and shine, and doesn’t weigh your locks down. Basically, it is a bad-ass bitch that you need in your beauty arsenal.

What is your favourite hairspray? 

All these products are bought and used by myself, thus, my opinion is not influenced, but genuine.

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