aveda tulasara skincare review

I am all for self-flagellation in the name of beauty. I will happily torture my skin/insides/body to get good results if I knew it was worth it. However, recently, I was able to take a back seat on the pain-train cause I realised that I don’t need to torture my skin to get it glowing again ** drop the microphones **  All I needed was a little brushing up on my brushing techniques to bring the glow back into my face.

Facial brushing isn’t new – it has been around for yonks – but trust me people, it is worth investing in. With the help of my Aveda radiant awakening ritual, I now start my morning a cup of Aveda tea and a side dry facial brushing to gently exfoliate dry and dull cells from the surface of my skin, and to help promote natural cellular turnover. It also prepares my skin for my second step in my skincare routine, which is the tulasāra™ radiant oleation oiwhich helps micro-circulation to boost radiance. This cleanser of sorts not only smells delicious, but is easily massaged into the skin, and is inspired by the Ayureveda technique and ancient healing art of abhayanga.

aveda tulasara review

By far my favourite step is the oil massage as it wakes up my skin, and helps reduce inflammation and puffiness around my eye area. Oil often gets a bad wrap for people with acned skin like mine, but this pleasant oil is non-comodegenic, meaning it wont block the pours (winner-winner, chicken-dinner)! After allowing the oil to seep in for approximately 5 minutes, i then wash the oil off with a warm wash cloth and follow with a moisturiser. My favourite being then firm concentrate which helps with fine lines and naturally-derived ingredients that include bio-fermented peptides, helping to plump up my skin.

So, if you after a little jazz up of you skincare regime, that not only is great for your skin but for the mind as well, I would highly recommend jumping on this life-changing little routine I have going. It is my morning coffee, sans the coffee, making me more alert and my skin less puffy … Always a bonus for this constantly sleep-deprived Londoner.

How do you get your skin glowing?

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