We all know stress is probably the worst thing for you, next to seeing Trump in bathers! But, unfortunately, it is mostly unavoidable (especially for those who live in London and have to face the tube on a daily basis). Our mind is at a constant in this overly-stimulated world that we can become unfocused and struggling to get by, not to mention elevated levels of the stress hormone cortisol can affect every aspect of your body making you moody-Mandy, anxious-Amy, tired-Theresa and Irritable-Isabelle.  It can also contribute to weight gain and bone loss.. not cool!

I will be the first to admit, I have a frantic job (note- major stress-levels but very rewarding at the same time), and there is a lot on my plate – and I am almost certain, suffering adrenal fatigue. One day; on the verge of quitting and moving back to Sydney; I decided to investigate into supplements that could help be a miracle cure (lol) and ones that were right for me (and my situation), and stumbled across an article on adapatogens. And then went on to discover (probably) the most life-changing product I have ever come across – Pukka Ashwagandha – a product that has helped alter the way I react to stress, making me a lot more zen than I imagined I could ever be (as a highly-strung individual – this is a game-changer).

First up, what is an adaptogen?

Adaptogens are a special group of herbs that help to boost health and support the adrenal system. They support the body by strengthening their response to stress, whilst enhancing it’s ability to cope with anxiety.  Essentially, they are called ‘adaptogens’ due to their ability to ‘adapt’ to their needs according to the body’s specific requirements.


Pukka Wholistic Ashwagangha  has been the equivalent of Clark Kent to Lois Lane (in my life) – necessary and forever helping me out of sticky situations that I keep finding myself in.

This natural herb has helped to relax my mind and nervous system (just like a LUSH Synaesthesia treatment, but 24/7). It is known as the herb of modern life, and helps to rejuvenate the mind, but also moderates the way we respond to stress, bringing you a new sense of inner calm. I noticed a massive difference within two days of taking this capsule which is pretty impressive given I usually allow 60 days to notice a difference with supplements. Stressful situations didn’t phase me as they usually would and I was able to tackle Oxford street at peak hour (a hub of tourists, slow walkers and just hoards of people), with a laugh. The little things that would usually infuriate me, dont anymore – literally….Life Changing!

It has also helped me with sleep more peacefully and as everyone who is adrenally burnt out would know, your glands need rest to heal.

The bottom line?

Remember, Ashwagandha doesn’t treat a specific condition like a gamey-leg or sinus issue – rather, they are perfect for those wanting to boost health. They are chameleons in the health world for binding nutrition with the mental and physical wellbeing of a person.

*I am not a qualified nutritionist or naturopath (nor do I claim to be). Whilst my experience with this supplement has been life-changing, every body reacts differently so i suggest you seek medical help prior to starting on a supplement.
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