L’oreal bronzed blonde

This is just a community announcement to let everyone know – my locks have gone to sexyland, and they ain’t coming back! No longer are they boring blonde, but they have jump-ship to Bronze Blonde and boy, am I impressed!

L’Oreal Professional know a thing or two (/million) about transforming locks so it is no coincidence that they are founders of my new locks. The L’Oreal Colour Maestroes of RUSH added volume and depth around my face with soft contouring highlights and toned down some of the brassiness with some caramel hues… Basically, they formed some mathematical equation to take my locks from blah to huzzah… And I am loving it! Now my Bronzed Blonde locks are sexier than blonde, spicier than brunette – what more could I ask for?!

From bloggers, icons, royalty and street-style trendsetters, the coolest girls on the planet have adopted the Bronzed blonde effect – THE 2017 hair trend. The look is so versatile for those brunettes not wanting to commit to full-blown blonde, or those blondes wanting to tone-down their goldilocks. The bronze-blonde look is blowing all other trends out of the water. Why?! Cause it is wearable as f*ck, looks natural and is an effortless hair look that looks great on just about anyone. Heck, if I can pull it off, anyone can!





As a constant blonder, my locks are pretty dry and barren so whenever I get it coloured, I have to ensure I use protection – of the colour variety, der. So, the L’Oreal Pro’s added in a splash of Smartbond into the colour processing and wham-bam-thank-you-mam …. Colour and hair protection at its finest. Drop in a little at-home colour care with the Serie Expert Vitamino colour range and I am sorted.

Now, ok , I am terrible (utterly terrible) at hair doing, but if there if there is one thing I think I accelerate at in in the hair department, it is knowing which product to use of your hair type. And this range, baby, is certainly my latest shower-love, and it should be yours if you have Goldilocks!



The range is designed to maintain your colour whilst nourishing to prevent dryness, tangling (the bane of my existence) and breakage! The idea behind the products is to tone (brighten and prevent brassy tones), care (infuse moisture and nourish), and protect (for longer lasting colour), all the while giving you the best blonde (or colour) you have ever had (outside of the salon).

So yeah people – that was a long-winded way of saying – my colour rocks and my colour protection is top notch ** queue the applause **!

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