Giorgio Armarni UV Primer review

If you know me, you would know how anal I am about sun protection! Having witnessed the affects of skin cancer first hand on not just myself but also half of my relatives – you would get why SPF is my closest friend. I hear colleagues rave about their weekly sun beds, and I admit – I die a little lot inside. If only they had experienced the pain, the damage and casualties like I had then they would understand how mad it makes me feel that they would put their lives at risk so often. But I guess when you dont have to live through the deadly summers then you just don’t know.

Not to be a downer or anything, but having grown up in the deadly Australian sun, I have learnt to  reduce the affect of heading outside has on my skin. I could harp on and on about sun protection but I will save you all from my heedy-soliloquy and just throw a recommendation your way instead.

giorgio armani UV primer

I am not one to advocate SPF mixed with something else because the amount of product you would have to use to get the actual benefits of using just SPF is pretty high. But, I have learnt that even small efforts to incorporate SPF into your daily routine are better than none at all. This is why I have become such a big fan Giorgio Armani UV Master Primer SPF 40 £41 // $AUD85 – especially in the not-so-sunny London.

Whilst is pricier than regular primers, a little does go a long way so it lasts. The UV Primer blends high UV protection and antioxidant actions, enabling both properties to cohesively blend on your skin with a transparent result. Plus, it has the added benefit of correcting your completion and creating a flawless matte canvas. Not to mention, it is perfect for even the most sensitive Sallys like myself!

As a sun-warrior myself, this little baby is perfect for the UK or European everyday – but if you are heading to seaside (or based in Australia), I would recommend something more pure SPF (i.e not mixed with something else like a moisturiser) if you are venturing outside for longer periods to keep your skin protected (or top up with a spray SPF every 2 hours as an alternative).



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