Space NK Diptyque baies candle

Hands up who has ever experienced a bae? I don’t mean in the boyfriend realm (cause we all know that my dating history is resembling more of a cob-webbed shit tip than a spruced up mansion… lol) – I mean the nasal nirvana that is Diptyque Baies?

Sure, I am not one to write an ode to a bloody candle: but in the instance, I feel it necessary as I have begun to realise that my life is not complete without the nightly burning of my Bae, Baies!

From the minute I sauntered into my local High St Kensington Space NK, I knew it was love at first sniff. Never had I envisaged falling so head-over-heels in lust with a god-dam candle… But I did. Baie has filled the (very large) void that is a man, and instead of bickering and dinners, fills my room with nasal symphonies and happiness explosions… So my idea of a brilliant romance to be honest.

This black-beaut is a merging of blackcurrant leaves and Bulgarian rose. It creates a lust-full atmosphere that is alluring, sophisticated and a unique mix of luxury and elegance. Honestly, I would be amiss without it – it has filled my nasally-led life with pure joy… apparently I am going to end up like Bridget Jones … single, alone, yet with a delectably scented house… It could be worse!


Who needs a man when you have Baies?!

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