Don’t get me wrong: I am a sucker for advertising. If a beautiful-browed woman or overly-toned man is trying to sell me something… I will probably buy it cause I am a sassy-commercialised Biatch! But, after spending years testing out the best in beauty, I have found a few goodies that are on the repurchase list … and these just happened to be a handful of the latest finds that actually work miracles.

So, sit back, relax and let these products make their way into your hearts.

Colbert MD illumino Face Oil

Have you ever craved that dewy-face-of-an-angel type of skin and just been let down on so many occasions on products that made such angelic claims – but never delivered? Yeah, join the club! That was until I discovered this radiance-elixir and realised I had clearly been missing out on that fresh-faced-glow. What I am trying to (long-windedly) say, is that ColbertMD illumino Face Oil is my crack… my addiction! Yes, I have a full throttle obsession with this face oil that I would literally sell my firstborn child to fund (never fear social services – I am, and will be for a while; childless)!

Not only does this miracle oil give you Pinterest-worthy fresh, dewy skin, but it also hydrates like a Mother ###! I have spent years searching for the holy grail of face potions/lotions/snake-venom – with great results – but none like I experienced with the ColbertMD illumino Face Oil. I suffer combination skin (shout out to all the combo skinned gals out there) and have never found a product that could tackle my dry patches and oiliness and give me a glow.

I feel like I am somewhat indebted to ColbertMD in a way – my skin preaches for the oil (I can only imagine how brill the rest of the range would be)! I think I might now worship at the alter of ColbertMD – it is a skin-religion, right?! I have tried every product and never been let down. I am actually writing this whilst using my weekly illumino face mask!

The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%
Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) is like a superhero. It goes about targeting blemishes and congestion and throwing a hose on it to tame them! This bad boy has helped me control my breakouts to an extent (girl’s got terrible genes) and I use it religiously. Thanks to the crap-ass weather that is London, I am never going to have amazing skin but I will at least be able to keep it under wraps whilst the hardcore facials play the field.

The Ordinary is an addictive brand that take away the over-priced nature of at-home products offering familiar, effective clinical technologies positioned to raise pricing and communication integrity in the skincare industry. Basically, you get a whole lotta bang for your buck! Now that is something I like to harp on about.

Kiehl’s Epidermal Re-Textusrizing Micro-Dermabrasion*

My skin is like Egyptian tombs kinda dry but no amount of oil will fix it if it is in need of an exfoliation. I have tried a lot of scrubs but I am the gal that needs a good scrub… like, sand-papering my skin off kinda scrub to get any sort of result. Whilst this beaut from Kiehl’s doesnt actually scrub my face off, it does the best job of refining my epidermis and helping re-condition my skin by allowing serums and oils to absorb so much better than before. If I could marry this scrub, I probably would!

Dermalogica Daily superfoliant

Dermalogica Daily Superfoliant*

If you are after a game-changer: then Dermalogica sure knows how to deliver. Dermalogica has been singing miracles to my skin for years now (my bathroom is, and always has, been littered with at least 6 Dermalogica products at a time) so it is no surprise that I am having a moment with their latest innovation. Being a Londoner, you come to accept that your skin is heaving with heavy pollutants. Living in a city crammed with humans and having so many external aggressors throw at you every day, it is no surprise you skin looks and feels it has taken a beating. So, Dermalogica developed an innovative new product that purifies the skin with its resurfacing, anti-pollution superfoliant.

Not to be mistaken for their hero rice-based Microfoliant, the Superfoliant is designed to re-surface and help prevent premature signs of pollution-related ageing and also has smoothing and brightening capabilities.. Pretty darn big win if you ask me! I’ve been using it for a month now and am hooked.

Liz Earle Superskin ™ Treatment Oil (for body)*

If silk-skin heaven existed, I am certain it would be captured in this bottle. Whatever glory has been housed in this oil, it is certainly addictive and … makes my skin sing hallelujahs! I have tried a shed-tonne of oils throughout my life but never have I become so addicted to stroking my limbs after application ** Seriously, someone please stroke my arms **

I have been a firm purchaser of Liz Earle products since I moved to London (I bought 8 of the Cleanse & Polish’s home to Australia for gift cause I was such an avid fan and re-purchaser of it) and have since expanded my collection after discovering the benefits of these oils to include more of their moisturisers and Superskin™ range. Whilst the body oil IS pricier than most of the body lotions I use, I ritualise the use of it by really massaging it in to the skin. The oil has up’d my hydration levels, and boosted the appearance of my skin… Gotta love a body oil that makes me look younger than my 27 years of age!

Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream

This blue tub of glory takes day creams to the next level. I am turning 28 in weeks ** give me strength ** and I have realised that my skin just doesn’t heal or bounce back like it used to. 2017 is the year I take control of my skin – starting with protecting my skin from the dramatic affects of ageing… or at least try.

The cream reduces the appearance of wrinkles, improves firmness, tone and hydration (in 2 weeks) and all the while keeps your skin plump and even-toned throughout the day. I have re-purchased this goodie 3 times – firm staple for 2017!

Aveda Tulasara Wedding Masque Eye*

I was skeptical when I used this tiny tub last week because:

  1. It claimed to pull a Cinderella moment on your under-eye area overnight and I just dont have that sort of trust in products these days (full-blown skeptical Londoner now)
  2. I am pretty hesitant to try new eye creams cause most* eye creams get rubbed into my eye overnight and I wake up with puffy and red eyes

But I was actually moved at how light textured, results-bearing, and non-transferring this tiny tub of goodness was. Actually did make me look refreshed and now I get excited to go to bed and wake up to see if it pulls me to the radiant side of the spectrum every morning… and it does! Without fail. Never under-estimate the little guy!

What are your winning skincare products this year? 

*Originally a PR sample – but most of these have since been re-purchased thanks to a curious-case of beauty product addiction … and love!
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