I love a sunburnt country, a land of sweeping plains. Of rugged mountain ranges, of droughts and flooding rains. I love her far horizon, I love her jewel sea. Her Beauty and her terror: the wide Brown land for me. 

No matter how far I travel, or how far I roam, I do still call Australia home. My heart, my family and my childhood all belong in Australia so I always (no matter how long I live away from it) will have a soft spot for Australia. And it is no surprise, aside from the beautiful countryside, luscious beaches and beautiful humans, we also are home to some seriously incredible beauty brands – and obviously I have to share them with you! So, read on…

Australian beauty brands review


Whilst not Australian owned anymore, it’s roots will always firmly be Australian – and a lot of the ingredients come from farms in Adelaide. Jurlique know how to make beautiful and naturally-sourced beauty products that sing hallelujahs to your skin. And actually do revolutionary things to your dermis.

I have been a faithful fan of the brand for a good 5 years and I know it will continue for years to come.

RECOMMENDED //  Lavender Hydrating Mist £24  + Moisture Replenishing Mask £45

Frank Body

If you are after that post-coital glow all over your frame, then this curve-loving bad-boy from Down Under is sure to bring your shower-time a little more pleasure. Not only is this brand so expertly social media marketed, but it literally is as great as they make it out to be.

Sometimes, you just have to get dirty with an Australian in the shower… trust me!

RECOMMENDED // The Original Introduction Kit £24.95


BECCA Cosmetics 

If you looked in my make up bag, you would be forgiven for thinking I had robbed Australia of all the Becca. On last count, I owned 36 items from Becca (at the one time)! So yeah, kinda think quite highly of the brand.

But why is it so fab, you ask?! BECCA Cosmetics under the art of the natural glow. They understand that we want to look refreshed and healthy but not like we just layered our face like a sandwich. Subtle but striking, their highlighters are every YouTube watchers fan-girl product. I myself, will relentlessly stock up on any new product they bring out (much to the dismay of my bank account) because I know it will be good.

RECOMENDED // Shimmering Skin Perf £34 + Under Eye Brightening Corrector £21

Go to skincare review

Go-To Skincare

Zoe Foster-Blake is my Australian spirit animal – a gal to my own heart. Not only is she Australia’s answer to all our skin woes, but she is funny, witty and decided to be a girl boss and launch her own beauty company a few years back… And has been killing it ever since. Go-To Skincare kicked nasty ingredients to the curb ad rammed their range full of the goodies that compliment your skin… cause hey, ZFB knows good shit!

Now prepare to have a major girl crush on Go-To Skincare.

RECOMMENDED // Face Hero $45 + Exceptionoil

Do you use any Australian Brands?

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