I recently took an oath to myself to be more conscious of what I was putting on and in my body. Managing Xochi Balfour aka The Naturalista – a holistic wellness and Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist – may have played a large part in this decision. As too did many other factors affecting my life including stress and my skin going crazy-town.

Whilst I am no Saint and still using products that are not organic or natural or free from nasties (cause I am a stickler for strong Retinols and anti-ageing products in fear of looking older than I really am), I have started peppering more and more natural beauty brands in to my beauty arsenal. And 100 Acres is one of my favourites thanks to its British countryside origins, natural ingredients and delectably scented range that makes me weak at the knees.

100 acres natural beauty products

100 Acres is range of bath and body products inspired by the natural beauty and diversity of the English countryside (one of my favourite places). When I think of 100 Acres, I automatically think of the rolling hackneyed brazen hills, sweetly-scented orchards and fruit farms, and the feeling of ease and tranquility thanks to zen-inducing fragrances from essential oils. With every product, you are transported to another realm – one of ease, calmness and peace. All thanks to their amazing organic scents and ingredients, and all without having to step foot in a day spa (pretty fantastic if you ask me… and much cheaper).

100 Acres have a plethora of products ranging from Shampoo to body wash and lotion and bath soak. I have personally recommend the hand wash (huge fan and constant repurchaser), bubble bath, relax bath and body oil #Heavenly, bath salts (for tired muscles) and their candles (cause we all know I am a candle-fiend)! Basically, you cannot go wrong with any of their products.

100 acres natural beauty products 3


Good for the mind, good for the body, good for the environment – there really isn’t anything not to love about 100 Acres!

Have you tried 100 Acres before? 

I purchased 100 acres on a my first visit to No 38 The Park. I have been re-purchasing ever since.

100 acres

Images – Own and 100 Acres

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