Does your hair have a mind of its own? Does it have a tendency to go all out crazy, and be all like “I got this”, when in fact, it don’t got this and all hell is infact breaking loose?! Well, then do I have the perfect haircare solution for you!

Kerastase Discipline range* is your hair leader on your quest for smooth hair. It is the holy grail of hair smoothing – it is heavenly, no matter how you see it! It is a sophisticated range that tames even the most unruly locks whilst restoring harmony and the beauty of perfect motion.

Kerastase Discipline range contains a plethora of products that not only tame the frizz, but does so without weighing your locks down like the usual ‘frizz fighters’ do #Hallejuah! It has one of those smells that gets you giddy for shower time and is all kinds of brilliant. Seriously, how was this not invent earlier!


Oh, and it also has an in-salon treatment that tames your mane – talk about having all the bases covered!

Now, I know I said I love the whole range (which I do) but everyone has a favourite child, and the favourite child in this case is the Kerastace Bain Fluidealiste (cleanse) is probably one of my favourite shampoos (ever). Sure, a bold claim, but it is literally like a super bath for your hair… or what superfood do for your insides. It cleans like there is no tomorrow, and doesn’t leave any residue. It is like the trusty friend you always wanted for your shower.

Coming in second to the Shampoo is the Kerastase Fondant Fluidealiste. Holy cow does this little beauty smell like a creation of some the gods! If I could bottle the scent, I would… And wear it every day. It is a treatment for your locks, that seals in the moisture and basically obliterates the frizz. It is all kinds of heavenly and I know you too will fall in love with it. It is perfect for fine hair that borders on unruly, and helps become the ring-master in your frizz circus.

Did I mention it smells like freesias… so effing good!

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