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So, here’s the thing … I have a slight (read- definite) confession to make to you all … I may or may not have gone full-blown American on my lips, and got them super sized. Ok, maybe not super, super sized. Probably leaning more to the whole defined and poutier look – more natural! And, before you all jump on your high horse and say “you what?”! I will have you know I have never loved my lips – so testing out li[ fillers were a necessary step to becoming a bit more confident as I got older.

My lips have given me grief my whole life. They are wrinklier than a Turkey’s neck and more cunning then Houdini himself. They are known to pull a disappearing act on me any time a camera is in a 10 foot radius of me. They are most definitely camera shy and I think we can all safely assume: Angelina Jolie is definitely not my Mum.

I have wanted to ‘plump’ up my look for years now, but have been relying on my skills of ‘make up wizardry’ (or lack there of), to fool you all in to believing I had rock star lips. Alas, you were not fooled. So, I enlisted the help of my go-to gals (Dr Pippa and Gemma) from Drs Ssh in London to test out lip fillers.

For £300 for 1ml (or £200 for 0.5ml), the Dr Sssh lip filler package is cheaper (and longer-lasting) than a pair of not-even-designer heels or a Marc Jacobs bag #Winning and the results? Well, they were pretty darn impressive (excuse my serious need to get a facial).


So, what did I have done?

I had a general enhancement of my top lip and cupids bow. I had two pillows injected into my bottom lip which used just under 1ml.

The great thing about Drs Ssh is that they are super professional, abide by all the regulations and work with what you want and your features. Oh, and can I just say – they totally had me at ease with having a needle shoved (I am being dramatic) repeatedly into my lip.

Drs ssh London

I will be the first to admit, I was a little concerned about the pain. Coaxing me in to getting my laser hair removal is a difficult foray usually involving a whole lot of clawing and innocent blood being spilt (my own of course). So, you could say, pain and I are not exactly on speaking terms. But, after a little numbing cream, a few trickles of sweat and some tiny pricks later (I seriously didn’t feel anything), my lips were filled to my type of perfection and I was ready to brave the world with my new bout (or should I say, pout!) of confidence.

Lips, are a thing of fashion: one day your in, the next you are out. Gone are the days where trout pout, bee stung lips were the look de jour. Today, consumers are after a softer marshmallow look that is not too noticeable: as to avoid unwanted “ermhged, can you see she got her lips done?”. No more, Lindsay Lohan “I’m all natural” (whilst injection sites are leaking filler), and more “hello, my name is Camille Belle and everything about me is naturally perfect“. Subtle is sexy. And I think I can safely say, I have achieved just that.

Lip Fillers Drs Ssh

Why get lip fillers with Drs Ssh Facial Aesthetics?

  • Lips go a long way in defining your face.
  • The Drs Ssh lip fillers are performed by our highly trained and skilled cosmetic injectors.
  • Lip enhancement injections are becoming an increasingly popular way to achieve lips you’ll love, offering instant and long-lasting results.
  • They use only the safest products proven to deliver the most natural results.
  • Lip fillers can make you look younger, feel more confident and really don’t involve much pain
  • Hello, fuller, softer, smoother lips!

Thank god, I live in an era where cosmetic enhancement is readily available, because let’s be honest, I have a fat head: and skinny lips just don’t go with it. The road to mouth-all perfection has just begun.

Keep your eyes peeled ladies: many more adventures in the cosmetic world to come.

Would you get your lips plumped up?

 * Paid for service

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