I am a notoriously terrible sleeper. I wake up every few hours in a hot sweat sometimes from a nightmare or need to go to the toilet multiple times a night. I also wake up in agony from a clenched jaw or bitten lip. I know that a huge contributor to it is stress but I have been trying to really iron out the kinks in my sleep pattern recently so I can sleep better and thus, be a hell of a lot more productive at work (and happy, obvs). My bedtime routine might not be the best, but I have been giving it a whirl for the past 2 weeks and it is certainly helping me diffuse my on-edgeness and potentially even start making me more productive…potentially!

1. Wearing comfortable clothing to bed

I used to think that I needed to wear Pyjamas to bed cause that was what ‘normal’ people did. I never found Pyjama pants comfortable and would often get angsty in the middle of the night and throw them off. Now, I sleep mostly in just my bra and undies or a nighty. It is so much more comfortable and I dont get tangled up in my leggings.

I have just heavily “invested” in Ann Summers, Intimissi and Wacoal to help keep me sane (along with a million rugs to ensure I don’t get cold this winter, ha)!

pukka night time tea

2. Stopping caffeine at 4pm and drinking night specific tea.

I am a diet coke addict – it is the only thing that gives me that buzz during the day. However, in order to get a better night sleep, I need to ensure I dont drink caffeine past 4pm or I turn into a Vampire and start springing off the walls at midnight. So, after dinner I rely on herbs to send me off in to a comatose state – or at least help foster it.

Sipping on Pukka Night Time tea 2 hours before bedtime helps soften my frantic, hyperactive mind. Thanks to Oatstraw flowers, chamomile, tulsi leaf and valerian root, I can zen out to my slumber in a more joyous way as opposed to rolling around bed hoping my over-active brain switches off soon.

Pukka also has a range of supplements that I occasional invest in (should my bank balance extend to that that month). Definitely a brand you need to check out if you haven’t already.

Body shop drops of youth mask

3. Skin nutrition

For sanity reasons, my skin and teeth must be cleaned and prepped before I hit the hay. You will never find me too lazy to wipe off make up before bed. NEVER! My skin is terrible but it would be even worse if I didnt take care of it. This is why I always ensure I have cleansed, toned and moisturised before bed – it cleanses my mind and is one less worry to take out of my scatty brain before sleep.

The last step I take for my skin before I slumber is by applying a hydrating night mask. My skin is eternally hydrated, but since incorporating a night mask – my favourite is The Body Shop Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask (smells insane and gives my skin that bouncy texture the day after) – my skin has been less sensitive and more youthful. If I can’t get a good night sleep, at least my skin will look like it did.

liquid yoga space spray

4. Calm my surroundings

I am a sucker for scents. If you know me, you will know I sniff just about everything! So, when it comes to my boudoir, the scent needs to be relaxing and calming to send me Zzzzz high.I struggled to find a scent that stuck around or didn’t require to be lit (candle) or switched on (diffuser). This is where Mio Liquid Yoga Spray came in and I have been well impressed with its ability to calm my mind. A little spritz on my pillows and sheets helps for a rapid mood changer to quieten my mind and re-balance as I prepare to jet off to snoreville #Namaste!

becoming laura jane williams book

5. Read up

When I was younger, my Mum would read my Brother and I a chapter from one of our favourite books to settle us before dreamland. We would repeatedly ask her to read us The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. It would spur on our dreams to other lands and we would awake in a happy stupor. I forgot how much I loved reading and have since invested time back in to settling my mind before bed with a good book. It doesn’t hurt that it also helps boost brain power – and parts of my brain I think were collecting cobwebs.

I am currently loving Becoming by Laura Jane Williams. I can’t get enough of her raw honesty and relatability. Ever since moving to London, I have had a million dating doozeys (still single, still eating pizza by myself in bed … yolo) so her words hit cords in my soul that I didn’t realise could be strummed – she openly shares what some girls have experienced with such refreshing tenacity. Her writing is authentic and open and the words on the page bring joy to my mind after a stress-ridden day – it makes me look forward to going home and jumping into bed…by myself. Becoming is truly a magnanimous book!

NEOM Tranquility Intensive Deep Sleep Treatment

6. Calm my mind with NEOM

The final step (in my rather long sleep routine) is to take a second and breathe in the serene-scent of the NEOM Tranquility Intensive Deep Sleep Treatment. This tiny roller ball of zen helps to deeply relax my mind and body to aid it into a path of snooziness. It is a potent blned of 19 essential oils including lavender and Jasmine and a tiny roller ball goes an awfully long way (yay for frugal Lucy). NEOM Organics are literally the Starbucks to coffee drinker but in sleep-loving form.

** Dear Family, if you are reading this – I would LOVE their Ultimate Sleep Bundle  for Christmas ** wink wink, not-so-nudge-more-slap-in-face-buy-me-this ** Just saying!

I won’t lie, I have a lonnnnggg way to go till I have the perfect night sleep (thinking a new mattress and sheets may help – anyone willing to donate to the Lucy Sleep Fund I am taking donations, lol)! But I do know that little steps can help in the long term. My goal is to have a whole week of peaceful nights sleep within the next 6 months… Talk about goals!

Apologies for the lack of make up (note – no make up at all) in this post. I really just couldn’t be bothered to doll up to go to bed! 

Lingerie – Ann Summers

Night gown – Peter Alexander

Book – Becoming by Laura Jane Williams

Pillow covers – La Redoute

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