Have you ever a life-changing experience that left you speechless? I just had one of those moments one not-so-humble Friday after an extremely stressful, tear-inducing, had-a-breakdown-but-didnt-have-time-to-fully-release-it-cause-swamped kinda month. Cause… Life!

August was an overwhelming month for me on both personal and professional levels and I am surprised it didn’t leave me loosing my hair. The day of said amazing experience hadn’t started out amazingly. I started the day with a bowl of tears, almost vomitted from stress and the long hours had finally caught up to me that I literally wanted to curl into the foetal position in the corner of the room! Lucky for me, my guardian angel (Hannah) had booked me into a LUSH Spa experience that was aptly timed with my breakdown of emotions and I literally couldn’t have thanked my lucky-stars at the timing of this (it is funny how things work out).


Stepping in to the LUSH Oxford St Store (having left work on time for the first time the whole year)- a satirically well scented place – was ironically not how I envisaged spending my Friday eve. But having been let in to the country-house vibing oasis that is the LUSH Spa, I took a moment to appreciate just how zen I had started to feel – all the while fully-clothed and not even in a robe yet!

After sitting down with my therapist (who literally felt like she took my anxieties, threw them in to a jar and hid them away from me so I couldn’t feel them again… just by chatting with me), we decided that an experience of relaxation with an element of detachment was exactly what I needed with my Synaesthesia spa treatment – a transformative sensory massage.


The treatment took me on a sensory journey and altered my mindset – all without the need of a man, psychotherapist or overpriced Mulberry bag for gratification… Sign me up to a monthly membership, please!

Never have I ever experienced such raw emotion without speaking, comfort and security just by the touch of a hand , vibrant colours exploding out of my closed eyes, or such calmness and clarity via harpsicles (seriously, where can I download the soundtrack?). The massage was something out of a story book. It had so many levels of relaxation, was so well thought of and I kid you not – almost had me in tears. At one stage I felt a huge weight lifted off my chest, like I was flying at another and then one i even felt like I was a child again running through the fields of my Nan and Pops farm – pure, unadulterated joy. This little massage completely 360’d my perspective and transported me to what seemed like another realm. I don’t want to talk too much about the actual experience because it is something that MUST be experienced to be truly understood, but I want to ensure you that it really is a mind cleanser.


Writing about experiences such as facials and massages are hard, but I NEEDED to share with you this experience because I cannot get across, just how life-changing it was. A monthly prescription of the LUSH Spa is probably in order – no matter what my accountant tells me! Heck, I will even be treating my Mumma to one when she is in town next!

This experience was kindly gifted to me. However, as with everything, my thoughts and feelings towards this experience are all honest.
Side note – Seriously, where do I get the soundtrack – those birds and harps were my jam!
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