It was a wet Saturday and I was running late for one of my talent’s weddings. My hair was flat and oily and resembling more of an oil slick than anything ‘wedding-worthy’. I was frazzled and I was almost about to pull out of attending the wedding when I stumbled across the pot Lee Stafford Wet Look GeLEE I had in my drawer – a non-hardening hair gel that smells like heaven. I had never used hair gel, aside from my slicked-back ballet concert days, and I wasn’t keen to accentuate my already ginormous head. But I was at my wits end and I thought ‘F%ck it… what is there to lose?’! And dug right in.

Now, I am absolutely no hair expert but I was totally relying on the hair gods to pull off this look: a look I had no idea what was going to look like! My hair hadn’t been washed in 6 days and I hadn’t styled it… so anything was going to be better than the current state it was in. I scooped a small amount of the GeLEE into my hands and warmed it up. I worked the product into the roots with a little conditioning spray (to help work the product in), and concentrated around my side part to flick my hair over on one side and tame down the other. I then brushed it through so it wasn’t accumulated at just the front. Then set it with a little hairspray and well (even though it does, by nature, have an inbuilt hold)… the results were impressive! The look was easy, took me less than a minute to achieve and took my hair from oily-looking and flat, to volumious and sophisticated yet relaxed with a slight wave to it from the gel being brushed through (like I wasn’t trying too hard). There was no ‘Lucy-just-whacked-out-a-jar-of-gel-and-went-to-town’ type of slicked-backness… and I haven’t stopped raving about it ever since.

Highly recommend this inexpensive, sweet-smelling game-changer! It may not have taken away my awkwardness (note- awkward chicken arm… not sure what is happening), but it certainly turned a few heads! #Winning!

*This product was kindly gifted to me by Lee Stafford PR. As with everything, my opinion is always my own.
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