I am a lover of grapes. Whether it is in full-bodied variety from a vineyard, or literally just chowing them down off the stalk. I have always been a big advocate for the trusty Grape. If I had only 2 pounds left, I would inevitably spend it on a packet of Grapes, freeze them and then enjoy them till they were all gone. Yep, a little obsessed.

So, when I heard that Caudalie had launched a new range of hydrating products powered by their iconic ingredient – the Grape – I knew I was going to love it. And love it, I did!

The new Caudalie Vinosource face creams are a thing of skin-loving-magic! Because it contains grape water, whatever cream is suited to your skin, it will help boost hydration by boosting water stores – strengthening and nourishing the skin from the inside out. The formula is rich in anti-oxidants and patented polyphenols and have literally become my skin’s life-blood. I have become so addicted to this range I recently stocked up for the next 6 months – I always have a fear of running out of my favourites!


Speaking of… My favourite of the range is the Moisturising Sorbet £23 because it is non-comodogenic thanks to the fact it relies on the grape water to boost hydration as opposed to oil – which is not my friend when it comes to tackle that time of the month breakouts. It is light, freshly scented and perfect for everyday usage. It is just right for us Sensitive (skinned) Sally’s and even helps to boost the skin mantle’s and leaves your skin silky smooth – not something easily achievable when you have a sensitive and blotchy dermis.

When I need to turn my hydration-levels to level 10, I turn to the Vinosource Moisture Recovery Cream £23. It is a nourishing and comforting cream that restores the hydrolipidic film and strengthens the skin barrier functions. It is the best companion for flying long-haul (i.e to Sydney and back) because it is 40mL, has a velvety texture and is extremely hydrating and natural cream (97%). I know I will be stocking up pre Christmas break so I don’t have to turn into a prune for that 24 hour flight back home for the holidays (joke intended).

But to be honest, I love the whole range and recommend them because hey – it is Caudalie (one of my all-time favourite brands) and – and because, in the end – All I need is love, and grapes (and grape water)!

How do you ramp up your skincare regime?

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