kiehl’s mask

Hi, my name is Lucy and I am a mask-aholic! I dedicate a good 3 nights a week to 10 minutes of pampering (depending on what my skin concerns are… lacklustre and breakouts are common of late). So, some could call me the mask guru. I have dreams of being able to commit to a specialist facial once a month but sadly for me, I a- have no free time, and b- am poor and can’t afford to divvy out £100 a month to get a good extraction and facial. So, I call upon the big guys that give me bang for my buck – and this Kiehl’s Tumeric and Cranberry masque  is a favourite (and long-lasting one at that).

I like my men to go the mile and really get me going, so it is no surprise this mask is a favourite because it does just that. This orange tub of seeded goodness helps to brighten the skin’s appearance and give dull skin a bit of a kick start (no miracles though – just a little pep talk). It is an ‘instant facial’ that takes clouded, city-skin to a new level – from blah, to huzzah in less than 10 minutes. It helps to boost your skins heath with cranberry and turmeric whilst evening out the look of skin tone thanks to crushed cranberry seeds (that help to exfoliate for smoother and more iluminated-looking skin).


Some of you might not know, but Tumeric has long been hailed for its anti-inflammatory properties, hence why I am a big fan (and re-purchaser) of this beauty. It helps to treat imperfections whilst also brightening. All round, a big win for my skin!

I buy one tub every 2-3 months and use once a week so I am happy to vouch for its longevity. 8/10 for recommended.

What is your go-to facial mask?

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