My hair has been put through the ringer ever since I stepped foot in London. Last year, my locks were luscious, thick and long. Neckminute…. my hair is frail, so damaged and disappeared. I had to have a huge amount cut off and it has really gotten me down. I lack confidence, I hate where my hair has gotten to and I literally feel like my confidence was chopped off when I cut off my locks.

I needed a hair resurrection – it needed to pull a Lazaruth of sorts. So, I devised a hardcore get-your-locks-back-in-shape plan that included hair growth and revitalisation; and it has been going pretty splendidly if I am honest. Sure, it involves a lot of product but it is slowly and steadily getting back into peak condition. Watch out hair-olympics 2020… I think we may have a new qualifier in the 2020 games.

This is my Hairlympic training regime…

Phytophanere Dietary Supplement

I was introduced to PHYTO last year and when I started using the products, I literally wondered if I had been living under a hair-rock (I had been – it was called Australia). PHYTO has always understood my hair and that helped increase vitality. But because my hair is so damaged and colour-treated, it needed something a little extra. This is where  Phytophanere came in – supplements that gave my hair-repair quest that little edge.

I am not one to herald products unless they actually do something. It has taken a lot of dedication with Phytophanere to see results (6 months of religiously taking them) but I can certainly say we are getting there. These capsules are a dietary supplement (cause lets be real – my diet is horrific) that help to strengthen, promote growth and volume in my locks. I am not going to say I am a Pantene commercial, but my hair is slowly feeling a lot healthier and the upside is – my skin heals a lot quicker than usual.


NIOXIN Hair System Kit 3 for fine, chemically treated hair

I have always had thin  and limp hair – but a lot of it. So for me to get my locks back into gear, I needed to invest in a range that helped amplify what I got. I have heard so many amazing things about Nioxin in the past from a lot of my Aussie Beauty YouTubing pals so it is  no surprise it was something I happily threw my money at in the sheer hope it would help get my hair back into gear.

4 weeks into using the scalp revitaliser I’ve noticed an immense difference. My scalp is a lot healthier (used to be very scabby and dry), my hair’s resilience is noticeably improved and my hair is slowly thickening up and my hair has more kick to it. Basically, it has helped my locks pull a 180 – eternally grateful NIOXIN! Eternally grateful!

I bought my 3 step program from Look Fantastic but check online for other stockists.

System Professional Volumising Mask*

System Professional is a brand you can always trust. They brought my locks from a dehydrated mess 2 years ago, so it is no surprise I enlisted their army of haircare when it came to my hairs (second) second coming. This hair mask is designed for damaged locks that need a stability regimen. I use it 1-2 x a week to add volume and reinforce my hairs structure. The formula is excellent at rehydrating whilst amplifying volume without weighing it down.

Snaps all round for this tub of goodness – which will honestly last me months. A little certainly goes a long way!


Toni & Guy Radiating Tropical Elixir *

Fizz fighting, UV rays protecting and hydrating – there isn’t much this little oil cannot do. I have been pump-actioning this golden-goodie into my locks whilst damp, and it truly has been having a pretty decent affect of late. Not only does it tame the frizz-monster, but has been ensuring my locks remain silky but not weighed down. Whilst my quest for better-looking and healthier locks may be long, Toni & Guy makes it inexpensive and sweet-smelling – something i will always jump on board with!

Kerastase Ciment Thermique 

When you put all the hard hards in to getting your locks back in the game there is no point in letting them suffer at the hands of styling wands. This is why my never-fail hair-archangel comes in the form of a green tube. Kerastase always pull out the stops to getting your locks fantastic, and this little tube-of-goodness is no different. It helps o protect my hair from snapping off when I am styling it – cause brittle locks are a pain to style. It also has the added benefit of heat protection – ensuring my expensive salon visits are being washed down the drain.

It also smells like a dream – win win really!

Lee Stafford Scalp Serum*

This stuff is a product from the Gods I tell you. Not only does it smell like heaven, but it is literally changing the health of my scalp. I massage in around my hair line at night and wake up with silky, volumised and thicker-feeling locks. It is basically my newest weakness that I am beginning to feel I cannot live without. It is lightweight, pro-growth (something I am certainly pro, too) and has ensured that my hairline doesnt start receding anytime soon.

Mister Stafford, I would certainly like to marry you for this! You’ve been warned 😛

Aveda Thickening Tonic

My Mumma always said I should fake it till I make it (ok, no she didnt – just a bit of poetic licensing) so whilst I am on the path to thicker fuller locks, I use this bad-boy to ramp up the thick factor…. cause everyone loves it thick ** wink wink **

Aveda have always had my back when it comes to my hair – I was addicted to their hair range back in Australia and I totally forgot how passionately I felt about the brand till I re-introduced some of their products into my routine again. Of course, it would be rude to not mention Aveda as they honestly get beauty – minus the nasty fillers.

British Beauty blog

Original & Mineral Project Sukuroi

When I first moved to London, I attend the launch of the Orignal & Mineral (one of my all-time favourite Australian brands) Project Sukuroi. I immediately fell in love with the product because I could see the effect it was having on my dry , damaged locks. Little did I realise that I would be needing an endless supply of the product since the British water and weather would literally obliterate my luscious locks. Now I am thoroughly restocked up on the bad boy

This product aims to help repair your locks thanks to gold oil. It raises the bar in terms of damage repair and helps deliver featherlike softness to your locks and leave it smelling like heaven. I raved about this product before and I will echo its praises again! Trust me on this one – it is a game-changer.

You can purchase Original Mineral Project Sukuroi from Selfridges

My fingers, toes and whole body is crossed with hope that this will work out. Maybe by the end of the year my hair might be a smidgen of its former glory… Maybe! Let us all pray for hair nirvana people ** ahem **

* Some of these products were supplied for editorial consideration. As with everything, my opinion is always my own.
You can buy most of the products mentioned above at Look Fantastic. Hit me up if you need help locating any others.
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