New flash- I fell in love. Sure, when I fall in love, I fall pretty hard and this time round it’s no exception. Most of you are probably thinking – thank god, after all her tumultuous dating stories and attracting all the wrong people… Finally she isn’t the crazy single cat lady no more ** breathes sigh of relief **! But I hate to be the bearer of bad news – I actually haven’t fallen in love with a person (quell horror), I’ve fallen in love with Lucy Annabella – the only brand to truly get me and my stressful life.


It would come with no surprise that after a shocking 2 months of always being on, no sleep, go go go; thanks to s super busy work period and having family in town (note – I loved having family in town, please don’t mistake that for under appreciation). I was exhausted and on the verge of a breakdown when a box of a long term love of mine rocked up for me at work. Now, this is not a new found love – I’ve been in a steady relationship with this brand for almost a year now – a truly blissful year for my body. But I had been a bit off with it thanks to a lack of time for bath time, but recently I started back a steamy love affair with it and I’ve not looked back.

Lucy Annabella is a brand that gets me. A brand that I go back to: empty after empty: even if I should really be spending my pennies on food. Why?! Cause I know that I will feel special whenever I use it. Lucy Annabella is a brand founded by one of the most inspiring women I have come across and this is reflective in her products – products that heal the soul, nourish, inspire and give back. They aren’t clouded by parabens or nasties that are toxic to the body… They are humble and healthy products that smell so darn good. Actually, come to think of it – Lucy Annabella products are my ultimate achilles.


I have basically purchased the whole range (except for the new treatment oils) so you could say I am almost an expert in the field. But my three favourite never-fail products would have to be – Date Night Bath Milks: my absolute favourite pre first date and whenever I need a calming but invigorating pick-me-up). Niaouli and Lavender Candle: my favourite scent to fill my home in calmness (currently on constant re-burn thanks to the epic past two months of non-stop stress). And the Antioxidant Aromatic Moisturiser with Lemon and Bergamont: cause I can never go past an invigorating scent to naturally rev me up!

I am fortunate enough to be gifted many amazing brands in my lifespan as a beauty writer and now Digital Talent Agent, but out of all the brands I have come across (gifted or bought), Lucy Annabella will forever remain in my top 10 – one of the loves of my life, I would say! Re-purchase after re-purchase… I could never get bored.

You can never go wrong with Lucy Annabella.

* I  was kindly gifted two products from the range, but all other products I have purchased myself (and would re-purchase again and again). All opinions are my own.
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