Make up – I wouldn’t be caught with out it! It is the reason I look half decent in photos (and less like what i look like when I wake up ** quell horror **).  Whilst I have been trying to go slow on the over-done-up look (by swapping foundation for a purple pigmented moisturiser), I do need a little coverage – especially of late. You see: whilst I am a beauty afficiando, I am always an stress-head… So I break out. And of late, my skin has been resembling that of an angsty-teen with breakouts sitting under the skin that are just so not fun. In fact, they are the complete opposite of fun – they are a ball ache to deal with. So, without resorting to upping my coverage with foundation, I have hit the town on the Guinot Cover Touch concealer* : a dual-purpose concealer that hides imperfections, whilst helping them heal (and we all love a dual-action anything… but concealer.. well, that is just the bees knees, really)!

This multi-tasking beauty will set you back £20.00 but is certainly an investment that you will be glad you made. It immediately camouflages any concerns  and is light-weight and hygienic thanks to its applicator (that is also flexible for those pesky, hard to reach eruptions. The coverage isn’t caked-on but light and healthy, and blends in like a dream (if only foundations blended like this epic concealer.


But why is it so great? It contains Sebostop Complex – an ingredient that helps regulate excess sebum to reduce and prevent further blemishes popping up. After a few days, my new blemishes have dried up like a weed (sans any dryness) and it means that I can go out without having to worry that I look like a problematic teenager… Always a win, really!

Sure, my skin is in no means in decent condition, but this little stick of goodness is sure helping it on its way to being a better version of what it is – and there is nothing bad about that!

What is your go-to concealer? 

*This product was kindly gifted to me by PR.


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