One of the greatest things in life is achieving that inevitable ‘just-spent-the-night-in-a-sexathon’ type of glow (ok, baking epic brownies and holidays are maybe a little higher up there). But for us single gals, that glow isn’t the easiest of things to achieve #ManDraught. This is where we call in the troops… the big guns … the A-Team! The team that gives us that glow sans the man – cause let’s face it, make up and skincare is a heck of a lot easier to come by than finding ‘The one’ in London ** Can I get an amen?! **

So, what is it that I have been using religiously of late to give me that glow that everyone keeps commenting on?! Well, where do I start?

how to get that ‘just had sex’ glow

Guinot Hydra Finish Face Cream

Glows radiate from within – but sometimes we need a bit more help. I dont rely on heavy machinery to get that glow – I leverage what is in my beauty arsenal – and the Guinot Hydra Finish Face Cream has got magical powers… and then some!

This purple pigmented moisturiser is a winner, no matter the weather, thanks to its powers of transforming my dull, grey skin to something that is dewy, glowy, but foundation-free! No longer do I whip out the foundation for daytime; ohhhh hells no! Instead, I use this tiny tube of goodness to cover up blotchiness, create a great base for blush and to make my skin look bright, but still see my freckles. It is rather decent if you ask me 🙂

Colbert illumino Anti-Ageing Brightening Mask

I was given a Space.NK voucher for Christmas and thought I might as well treat myself to a little bit of luxury. So, as my Mum always taught me – quality over quantity – I hit up Space.NK and got myself the bees knees of luxury… The Colbert illumino Anti-Ageing Brightening Sheet Masks. And boy is it worth every penny.

These masks make my skin glow. Literally, burst out with dewy goodness – even after a hard-days slog at work, too much caffeine (never enough water) and not enough sleep, my skin fakes it for me. Probably the best invention made, these sheet masks have become my achilles and help my face put on a show, that I was clearly not invited to.

Because it contains Niacinamide (an ingredient to help reduce the appearance of pigmentation), my skin looks a hell of a lot more calmer and even – even after one use. Dr Colbert – you deserve a medal for these packets of heaven. Sure, they are not the easiest thing on my budget, but I would happily skip a lunch each week to splurge on these next level beauty necessities.


Frank Body Coconut Coffee Scrub 

If you are silky, touchable, kissable, sexy, smooth, glowing, gorgeous skin…. all over – then lets talk dirty. Like REAL dirty. Let’s pillow-talk girl… With Frank!

Frank Body is my main man, so it seems. This dirty, dirty (read: positive kind of dirty) man sure knows how to rub me up the right way. If I ever required loving attention from a man – Frank would be it (ok, I always need loving attention from a man, hence why I get naked with Frank 1-2 x a week). Frank has become my shower buddy of late, and let me tell you why?!

This body scrub like actually, for reals… heaven! My whole body gleams with that after-romp glow and I can’t stop stroking myself (above board, people) after usage. Sure, it gets a bit nippy waiting around starkers in the shower for the scrub to take affect, but my golly, the after result is worth it. Skin shines, is silky smooth and well.. Any guy would want to slide up to me after I get down and dirty with Frank… And I still wonder why I am single?! lol

Cosmedix Opti Crystal 

I have never met an eye cream that I LOVED until I fell really hard into (basically buying stocks in) Cosmedix Opti Crystal Eye Serum – a revolutionary, wake-me-up style eye cream that literally illuminates the eye area (thanks to its purple, sparkly pigment) whilst also offering the works in terms of benefits. It helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and boost collagen and restore vitality, all the while with it’s sexy purple hue that means you could leave the house sans makeup and still look backlit… every gals dream!

BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector (pressed) in Moonstone

BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector (pressed) in Moonstone*

It is funny, over the past 3 months, I have had numerous comments about how glowy and dewy my skin looks – like it had been lit from within (as many have said). And when they asked what I was using, they were amazed that it was a makeup product. My go-to favourite makeup product of the moment – the Becca pressed skin perfecter in Moonstone (the most flattering colour for my ghastly-ghostly skin) is without-a-doubt, the best makeup invention that ever did exists. Not only is it a bloody brilliant product worn by itself, but it also ensures that any skin looks lit from within and just darn radiant. 100% worth every penny.

LUSH Love Lettuce Mask*

If you are after a natural mask that doesnt cost the earth (or damage it, for that matter), then I would always hit up Lush. Lucky for me, I stumbled across a mask that not only gives me that ‘just stepped out of an all night romp sesh with Fabio’ and actually helps my congestion… We are onto a winner here.

The Lush Love Lettuce Mask is perfect for those that have oilier skin (like me) who want to brighten up dull skin with the power of mother nature. This mask contains all natural ingredients and is designed to calm the mind and help rebalance the skin’s sebum production. A generous whacking on each week will certainly keep any stringers on at bay (they will definitely think you have another man in your life).


Verso Dark Spot Fix*

What puts a dampener on radiant skin? Dark spots. They are literally the god-damn-bane of my existence. But I recently started on the hunt to obliterate my dark patches; once and for all. Enter Verso Dark Spot Fix with Retinol 8 and I think I may well be on my way to saying Hasta la Vista, baby to my patchy-prone skin.

Because I am an eternal sufferer of spots #AcneIsntJustForTeens, this concentrated formula is helping to reduce the appearance of minor (and very unwanted) dark spots caused by my past spot-offences, as well as help to alleviate the severity of my past sun-sins. All-in-all, helping me on my quest to more radiant skin. I have used for less than a week and I am already impressed – that is not usually said by a product of less than 4 weeks of trialling it. I think we are onto a keeper, here!

** Royal waves to my radiant skin as it walks past the mirror **

How do you achieve that ‘after-glow’ glow? 

*PR Samples

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