It might come as a shock to none of you that I have never celebrated Valentine’s Day with anyone (unless you count that time when I was 9 and my primary school ‘boyfriend’ took me for a walk in the river #NotAEuphamism and stole roses out of somebody’s garbage bin). So, shock horror  – another year has past and I have another date with couch and food… and yet another day where my family potentially think that I am well on my way to becoming the single crazy cat lady (even though I dont even like cats). I am beginning to think it might be the case too ** le sigh **.

Whilst my constant singledom is not surprising, I thought it was about time I shared a little love and showed you what us single gals really want for Valentines day – not some manufactured ‘you-need-to-be-in-a-relationship-to-be-happy/content/anything in life’ sort of shite that mainstream media often portrays. Hell no, single is sassy and fun – we don’t need a guy to berate us with roses and chocolates and love ** curls into the foetal position in the corner realising that is EXACTLY what I want **.

So, to ignore the fact that I am eternally single, I am going to be my own Valentine and step up my valentine game with these rather necessary goodies… cause why not?!


Red lingerie from SJ Lingerie

Let’s be real – anything from SJ Lingerie would be a huge step up from the current variety of granny pants selection I have churning in my underwear drawer. But what is a further step up is their seriously hot red collection – every gals wet dream, really.  Sure, not so much on the practical side for big-boobed gals like me (I envisage my tits just going for a free-for-all when I move my upper body an inch)… but hey, a girl can dream, right?!

A black leather backpack

Living in London, I am all for practicality. I have a rather dorky albeit cool black leather backpack that comes with my everywhere – cause lugging a handbag around all day is a massive chore and I am not ok with having one shoulder lower than the other for the sake of fashun, darling. Hence why, practical gifts should be on the list. So, if you are short of ideas for a Valentine’s gift for a single friend – go down the practical route… You and they will be better off for it!


A weekend away 

Cause everyone deserves a little TLC – even if just by themselves. I stayed at No. 38 The Park in Cheltenham a few months back for work and I am honestly in love with the place. Getting out of London as much as possible is high up on my list for 2016 so I am thinking I will splurge for a weekend getaway (lord knows how I will get there), throw an out of order sticker on my forward and call it a day weekend.

Plus, I am kinda obsessed with:

A. Sleeping in comfortable beds (or sleeping in general)

B. Bathtubs in bedrooms

C. Did I mention I love comfortable beds?

Money Box

I have had this weird craving for a quirky money box for months now. I am also trying to save! Maybe these two things will simultaneously come together and fruition into something rather radical (or the likes). I am thinking something really obscure but quirky and ‘sit-on-my-shelves’ worthy… Ya know what I mean?! Quirky random gifts make people smile – and life is all about making people smile… people!


Damsel fly candle

Cause every gal needs a million candles. Plus, this one is extra sassy and lol-worthy so I figure I may as well buy one or a 10 as gifts for the single gals (or I will just keep them all for myself and house a line up of insulting candles on my mantle-piece)!


No man has ever bought me flowers. Heck, no man (aside from my family) has ever bought me anything (yes, this is my rather morbid reality). But no guy can stand in the way of my fortnightly flower dosage – cause I am the creator of my own happiness. So I guess I will be spoiling myself and any single gal-friends in my vicinity with flowers this Valentines day as well.

I thinking Hydrangeas are on the cards (please be in season).

Honestly, when has a face mask ever let you down? The answer (well for me, at least) is never! This is why I am always stocked up with Masque Bar sheet masks – not only do they make your purse laugh at how cheap they are, but they are also bloody brilliant. Like literally – why try and find a husband when you can have great skin. I am not settling for just anything here people – these are the bees knees of awesomeness! And perfect for single or in a relationship gals alike #GiveTheGiftOfFabSkin!

Be happy, be bright, be you!

How are you spoiling yourself this Valentines day?

Image cred- Damsel Fly Instagram, SJ Lingerie Instagram

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