Stop what you are doing and get yourself to your closest Superdrug – Real Techniques has just bought out two hero products that are a necessity to any makeup brush owners arsenal. Welcome to the family the Real Techniques Brush Cleanser * AND the Real Techniques Cleansing Palette * – what did I ever do without you?

Now, let’s chat the deets!

Ladies, if you are not washing your makeup brushes religiously then we can’t be friends. As a germ-aphobe, I have serious angst issues if I don’t wash my brushes at least twice a month. Plus, my skin is super reactive so I can tell when my brushes need a good detox when my skin starts freaking out. This is where my favourite new product comes into action. The Real Techniques Brush Cleanser is essentially a gel that gets rid of the gunk off your makeup brushes.

This deep cleansing gel is designed to extend the life of your brushes by removing oil, impurities and makeup to reveal a nice clean brush (love a little cleanliness). It is also designed to improve brush performance – and we are all about improving performance now aren’t we ladies? ** wink **. The formula contains no alcohol or phthalates so great for sensitive-skin-Sally’s like me. Oh, and it smells like apricot – basically nasal heaven!

Now in the other corner, we have the I-am-so-in-love-with-it-I-could-have-its-babies; the innovative Brush Cleansing Palette ** can I get an amen **. This simple to use lightweight textured palette is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably over your hand, uses performance-grade silicone (and is dishwasher safe and heat resistant) and was made to sweep away makeup, oil and impurities. Simply slip the palette over the back of your hand, add a little cleansing gel (and warm water) and swish your brush till it comes out clean. It isn’t rocket science but it sure feels like it after you see how shiny clean your brushes are.

Basically, this is one inexpensive necessity you need in your life to make you a little less basic-bitch, and totally jealousy-inducing to your friends. Step aside regular brush cleaners – Real Techniques is blowing everything out of the water.

How do you clean your brushes?

* PR Samples
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