After 3 weeks of burning the candle at both ends – long working hours, lack of hydration, not enough zzz’s in the night, too many social events and running around London like a headless chicken trying to meet clients, brands and find a new apartment… The ghost of dark circles past reared its ugly head and paid me a visit. A month ago, I woke up looking rather worse for wear and I 100% knew why. So, instead of my usual binge eating and watching of netflix and face mask sunday routine – I upped the ante and have basically  been living in my Masque Bar Dark Circle under eye patches and praying to the under-eye bag gods that they might disappear (or at least be reduced)! And by some miracle, I have been fooling everyone that I am sleep’d up to the max ever since.


These under eye patches are the perfect accompaniment to your skincare routine (not to mention – uber stylish). They are specifically formulated to diminish the appearance of dark circles, shadows and uneven skin tones under your eyes. Granted my under eye bags are caused my poor lifestyle choices, these do help to hydrate and reduce the appearance of said bad behaviours of mine. Plus, I have one under eye area that is rather uneven (in skin tone) and they have been working their magic

Containing Sunflower Seed Oil and Vitamins A & E these inexpensive patches help the eye area appear lighter, firmer, softer as well as increase elasticity (definitely something I am more aware of since I am not getting any younger.


Work work work work work – I can potter around the house and still work whilst I hit my dark circles on the head.

If you are like me and want to look less like a crack addict, and more like a refreshed version of yourself – then you might want to head to your local Boots and invest.

How do you get rid of your under-eye bags?

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