I am well aware of how many times I write about candles and Jo Malone – so what else do you expect when I get a newbie Jo Malone Candle?! A blog post, der!

Yep, the Jo Malone Lavender and Loveage is literally got me weak at the knees. It is super fly and getting me uber relaxed of late. Trust Jo Malone to whip out the good and make my nasal passage sing with hallelujahs!

With crisp notes of my absolute favourite scent – Lavender. This cleanly scented candle is humble, warming and welcoming, and an absolute necessity for my new flat. It reinvigorates in subtle ways, reminds me of my childhood and is just so darn delicious. Laced with aniseed for a twist and herbaceous rosemary and time for an aromatic symphony – this candle is sure to get your calmness going.

Jo malone lavender and loveage

When I was younger, I spent a lot of time on my Nan and Pop’s farm and on the ocean with my family. When we ventured up to the country, we would herd cattle, shear sheep, run wild on our lonesome, ride motorbikes and literally never stopped smiling. We would venture to a Lavender farm a lot and run up and down the rows like a maze (trying to avoid being stung by the bees). We also picked the Lavender all the time from our Grandma’s prized garden and give it to our parents as gifts (cause being cheap is what being a kid is all about). Lavender has a very strong and vivid memory of my childhood for so many reasons – so this candle was an obvious winner.

Burning this candle has become a Sunday ritual where I change my sheets, whack on a face mask or my under eye patches, read and general sloth… And this candle is the perfect scent to do it with!

Relax away….

Do you have strong Lavender memories?

*PR sample

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