Oh London, you truly have stolen my heart – your magical beauty has me entranced… And I don’t want to snap out of it anytime soon. There are so many things I love London, so summing it up was a little hard. But, I tried my hardest to keep it as swift as possible – and here they are!


1. Living in London gives you a chance to feel intensely, see the bigger picture and learn so darn quickly. As an Australian, being THAT far away from your home can be daunting, but from the minute you have your visa checked (and a short interrogation at customs) you can breathe easy and start seeing how you fit the bigger puzzle. I have never seen my life so clearly since moving to across the Pond!

2. That London is ridiculously, ferociously and harshly beautiful. I am consistently awestruck by her beauty. From the cartoon-like black cabs, the squirrels that timidly run to your feet (before they attack), the foxes, the comfort of anonymity, Pimms, sun-soaked siestas in the parks… I could go on. Shall I?


This is what my street looks like for 2 months of the year

 3. Cherry Blossoms in Spring – enough said!

4. The efficiency of the tube and the ability to get from one side of London to the other so promptly (except when there is a tube strike – then efficiency is thrown out the window). Londoners love to whinge about it, but it is pretty darn efficient and gets you to wherever you need: a lot quicker than any Australian train could.

5. The hustle, the bustle and rustle of people/planes/trains/cars… Yet, totally escapable within minutes. London is full of pockets of quietness – one minute you’re in the thick of it, the next you’re in a zenned-out zone. It is honestly one of the most bizarre (but cool) things about London.


6. The local farmer’s markets! I have never saved so much money on quality, healthy food in my life. For 8 pounds I can buy the equivalent to $45 in fruit and veg in Australia. Whilst rent is through the roof, the ability to save on food is quite laughable.

7. The Thames – oh, I just bloody love the Thames. A long stroll along the embankment takes you through so many picturesque places: full of vibrancy, new experiences and sheer beauty. And let’s not even venture into the giddy feeling you get walking across it at night #Beautiful.


Making friends whilst drinking – never boring!

8. The Pub culture. Nothing can rival the British pub culture. I have never drunk so much in my life since arriving in London (sorry Liver) – but I have also never had so much fun. Everyone at the pubs are friendly, love to chat and always up for a game of darts. Whilst they might be quite frightening on the tube, they are totally approachable at the pub!

9. It is one of the most diverse cities in the world! 300 languages are spoken and 37% of the population was born outside of the country (including me): but it is still a community (a melting-pot of culture). And thanks to this diversity, it means there is ALWAYS something delicious to eat. I have Lebanese, Turkish, Italian, British, Jamacian, American, Spanish, Chinese… all within 2 minutes walk from my house (oh, the decisions!) #ReasonNumber10WhyIamFat!


My flatmate and I love to spend the weekends discovering London.

10. The fact that whilst I have lived here for 5 months, I am still not even close to having discovered even a smidgen of what London has to offer. I could live here for the rest of my life and still be discovering – and that makes this city all the more exciting.

 What is your favourite thing about London?

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