sunday riley review

Apologies in advanced – this post may leave you craving new and expensive skincare.

On Sunday’s, one might attend church. Or sleep in, or brunch for longer than usual or mooch about on the couch till they realise it is Monday tomorrow and they haven’t achieved a thing. Sure, this might be said of me – but this Sunday, I am going to introduce you to my favourite kind of Sunday – Sunday Riley.

You may have heard a few million things bout this brilliant skincare brand – and deservedly so. I have only been using it for two weeks and I am already hooked on two of their skincare heroes! I am quite a hesitant and skeptical person, so for me to proclaim that a skincare brand is brilliant is a pretty mean feat. But what and why has these two little beauties won my heart, you ask?

Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Cleanser literally has made me go weak – I have never felt this way about a cleanser before. It is a clay(ish), sludgy cleanser that not only keeps your pores out of the limelight, but sways your pimples in another direction (off your face). It literally has been slaying my skin like a vampire slayer but in a clay mask sort of way. Being time poor, I dont have a lot of time to whack on a clay mask and pray it does its job. Nope – I use this cleanser which acts just like a clay mask except in WAYYYY less time.

My skin has been a bit like my love-life of late – shambolic, blah and a never-ending comedy of errors.

So, for something to actually hit the spot and knock it back on its hind legs and re-asses, is a pretty mean feat. Aside from the fact that it has won my skin over, the packaging is also very dreamy and means I can show it off with pride in my bathroom. I literally would showcase my bathroom (something I would never do) to friends who came over in the mere hope they would notice my shiny, pretty new toys. And if not, I would tell them about them anyway. That was until I dropped it and it literally smashed  my heart everywhere on the floor… I think I lay on the ground sobbing for a good 10 minutes before I realised I was crying literally over cleanser (it is just that good people – it is better then any boyfriend I have ever had)! R.I.P Clay Cleanser!

sunday riley luna oil review

In case you haven’t already picked up on it yet: I am pedantic about anti-ageing. Whether I am slathering my rivalling-Casper-I-blame-it-on-my-British-genes skin in SPF 50+ or patting a collagen lift into my chest: anti-ageing is my neurosis. My achilles. My oxygen. And something I don’t take lightly. Sure, ageing is a natural process that is guaranteed to every human (that and taxes- the two most hated and inescapable things in the world), but that doesn’t mean that you have to accept your fate on the chin: oh hells no! Ageing is guaranteed, but it can also be delayed with a good anti-ageing regime. This is where my newest favourite night-time fix – Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Oil – comes into the equation.

Basically what this facial oil is is unicorn blood – a necessity for us mere mortals to have in our lives! It is a wonder retanoid oil that reducing pore size, improves the appearance of damaged skin and wrinkles. I have invested all my faith in it that it might help this chronic indentation on my forehead pack its bags and leave. Aside from my fixation on not looker older than my age, it has also helped boost hydration and suppleness and giving me that glow in the midst of winter (and a severe relationship draught).

This year (ironically) I was trying to avoid oils like the plague as I thought they would steal my glow or coat my skin in toxic sludge of pimples… But I was wrong – oils are actually good at toning and balancing one’s skin and this little baby is worth of any investment into your skin #InvestInOils.

Are you an oil-user? Do you have a skincare obsession? Please do share 🙂 

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