It is rare that I write a post dedicated to 1 product in it’s entirety. Sure, I have done it plenty of times for perfume or a super high-end beauty product. But it is rare that I do it about 1 product unless it is super-duper amaze balls. Lucky for you, the product that I am raving about today is just that… and then some! Not to mention, it isn’t pricey – so everyone can afford one.

I am all about scents – I sniff just about anything (cause I am weird like that). But growing up, there was always one scent that really was my achilles. The one scent that made my body go weak and then explode is an out-burst of sunshine and rainbows. Literally, my happy scent. And that scent happened to be ginger in beauty products. And more specifically (for the past 7 years) – a few key products from the Origins Ginger range! Everything about this range makes me smile ear-to-ear so it is not surprising that the Ginger Souffle has turned into my go-to body lotion when I am feeling a little grey in this Vitamin-D lacking city of London.

Origins Ginger Souffle body cream review

The Origins Ginger Souffle Whipped Body Cream £28.00 is my idea of heaven. I used to get it every December (in Australia) and thus, it reminds me of my Summer holidays frolicking out the front of my beach house, fishing, diving, seasalt stained lips and wind whisking through my hair as I rush out to the Pacific heads on the boat. It literally embodies contentment to me. So, when it turned up in my blogger mail as part of a Christmas gift set (sadly after I had posted my guides) I knew I had to share with you my deep-lust for this aromatic sensation and why it is worth smothering all over your body.

Rich, lusty, nourishing and tangy, this soufflé helps your body battle the elements of constant hot to cold, cold to boiling temperatures that we get in the UK. It allows you to seek shelter in its creamy cocoon and relaxing nasal-sensation. It spreads like butter, and embraces you in a skin-nourishing envelopment. Rich in Olive, Grape Seed, Rice Bran and Apricot Kernel Oil, it hydrates and leaves a lust-worthy scent to linger for the day (yet not overpoweringly so).

Whilst I have only ever used the Ginger Souffle, I am aware they have a whole range of products including hand cleansers, skin scents (dreamy sounding), Cream bubble bath (hello, every bath goers necessity) and body oil. Imagine all the Gingery possibilities that lay ahead with this range?

Do you love the scent of Ginger in products? 


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