I love shower time! Yep, what a sad life I live that I actually get excited about becoming a drowned rat and steaming my soul in the gates of hell (yeah, I like to amp up the heat value on the shower #Whatevs #WhoNeedsSilkySkinWhenYouCanBeWarm?!). But I am only human! Bath and shower time to me is a daily ritual that allows me to scrub and wash off my stresses from the day. It is a therapeutic way to wash of the bad and start afresh. But not everyone enjoys shower and bath time as much as me so I thought I would share a few tips to make yours a tad bit more exciting and pleasurable.

How to make bath time pleasurable?

benefits of dry body brushing

Dry body brush before showering

Not only will your skin feel smoother, but it will be less lethargic. Dry body brushing helps boost circulation and has been known to reduce the appearance of cellulite (always a winner). My current go-to body brush is the EcoTools Bamboo Bristle Bath Brush because it is softer than most body brushes (no skin irritations for me), great for hard-to-reach areas and is ecologically sustainable (I love EcoTools for their passion for nature)! This bath brush extends your reach for a cleanse your body deserves. It can be used wet or dry for cleansing and exfoliating.


Re-invigorate with a body scrub

Frank body scrub is the bees knees. If I were to use only one body scrub for the rest of my life – frankly, Frank would be it. The ironic thing is – I was skeptical. Like MEGA skeptical when it first came out in Australia a few years back. Let me explain…

As a social media manager, I appreciate a whirlwind success using social media marketing as a platform to target your consumer. But what it was initially claiming (and again, being a social media manager trained in all kinds of social media law and permissibility), it actually irritated me. Then they took another route of action (even though they had already made it.. BIG time) – one that I really appreciated that wasn’t all about claims and it won me over so much so that I even purchased a few packets of it. Yep, this cynic was won over.

When I actually used it, I was thrown for a 6 – it literally was a brilliant product that made my skin sparkle like never before. I couldn’t stop stroking my arms for days afterwards, and my skin had never been in such great condition (especially since moving to London had thrown my body out of whack). I use it 1-2 times a week and am loving that it can help even out skin tone, reduce spots, soften my skin and really help my confidence. I get it Frank – we can be besties now! And even more so now that it is available in the UK (I no longer have to ask family members to bring stockpiles over when they visit).


Invest in the best tools

Sure you can jump in a shower and lather yourself in some ho-hum body wash but what if you could use utensils that not only helped boost your blood circulation, allow you to reach hard to reach parts of your back and help the product actually work to its full ability? Now calm your farms, I will tell you that you can – and all thanks to the EcoTools bath brush range.

I have become obsessed with these nifty bath brushes because not only are they brilliant at what they do, they are also very sexy to look at (turquoise handles, yes please). The Loofah is probably my favourite because it takes the generic body sponge to the next level, allowing me to scrub and clean parts of my body I could never reach (darn short-ass arms). And it is a natural loofah so no nasty rubbing your body with plastic sh!t. It is basically a win all-around!

My current shower essentials are:

EcoTools ECOPOUF Bath Brush

EcoTools Bamboo Bristle Body Brush 

EcoTools Loofah Bath brush

elemis skin nourishing bath milk

Invest in a good bath milk

I have become literally addicted to the Elemis Skin Nourishing Milk Bath . Not only is it sweetly scented for the ultimate in bath time perfection, but it makes my skin supple, smooth and oh so silky – and hey, there are much worse things to be addicted to!

Like the Frank body exfoliant, I can’t stop sniffing or stroking my body after I immerse my body (in the water) in it’s perfection. I use it 1-2 times a week (usually the day after my Frank scrubathon) and it helps extend my smoothness and ultimately gives my skin that much needed boost after being thrown stress and fatigue on a daily basis. Whilst it is a bit pricier than your usual bath suds, it works waaayyy better than any other bath liquid I have ever purchased, and is a great way to de-stress after a busy week. Highly recommend for everyone!

How do you make your shower time more pleasurable?

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