Christmas is literally around the corner ** cue hyperventilation**. So, if you are a last-minute shopper like myself, then these are some good picks for you!

LUSH Secret Santa £17.95

Santa has arrived in town early with the range from LUSH. That all too familiar smelling store that creeps up on you and (pleasantly) whacks you in the face with a scent explosion has done it again with their Xmas range. This cute little wrapped up gift set has thrown me for a six with this perfectly (already) wrapped secret santa gift. Containing a 100g Dashing Santa bomb and 125g Peeping Santa bubble bar, it will scent your bathroom like nobody’s business and add a bit of festive cheer.

LUSH Santa’s Belly £8.95

If you are in need of the perfect stocking stuffer (or in this case, tree decoration) for even the most discerning person – this little capsule of nasal-scentations is perfect. Filled with two hero products: Santa’s Belly shower jelly and Red fun – you are sure to hit every christmas carol high note with this delectable (albeit, inexpensive) with this ball of goodness. Playful washes are guaranteed when you wibble and wobble this sucker into the hands of your loved ones, this year. Fingers crossed they’ve been good…

connock london

Connock London Hawaiian Nights Gift Box Set £68

I am a stickler for scents (in case you hadn’t already figured out) and I am now currently a stickler for Connock London. Not only does this scent remind me of my Mum, but it also soothes my stress and is such a soulful scent-sation. It is a punch of nasal nirvana, that’s for sure.

If you are after a gift set that is sure to earn you serious brownie points – then hit up Connock London. This is the perfect for any home owner or renter. Containing the hero Connock London Candle and Diffuser (and a free soap), this gift will get nasal cavities racing with delight and make anyone who walks into their home weak for such a delicate, yet soulfully-lingering scent.

It has my seal of approval – so it is sure to be a winner.

Ari by Ariana Grande Holiday Gift Set £23

Every gal dreams of finding a flirty, fun yet feminine scent to woo dem boys with. And I think I might have found it. If you need to gift a gal who loves her pop culture or any teenage or early 20s girl; Ari by Ariana holiday gift set is the go-to. It is a haven of sweet, fruity and powdery scents built on layers of fluffy-clouds, cute cats and pink. With notes of musk, wood and marshmallow it has an air of sensuality but with an uplifting, fun and fruity accord. It comes dressed in a cute quilted box and a 100mL body lotion as an added bonus.

jo malone perfume collection

Jo Malone Cologne Collection £70

As you would know – I am a little addicted to Jo Malone Perfumes. If you saw my collection of Jo Malone fragrances, you would either: 1. Die of jealousy. 2. Vomit at the overconsumption of one brand’s perfume. 3. Steal it…. It truly is impressive (18 bottles and counting). Sure, I am blessed to be gifted some – but most of what I own is actually bought with my own funds because I genuinely love it so much. So every Christmas (and most birthdays), I will spend up big and give Jo Malone gifts… cause nothing can top a Jo Malone gift.

I am essentially a Jo Malone connoisseur. So, when I say this box of mini Jo Malone perfumes  (9mL each) is the ultimate gift; you know I am not lying. I once received this box of perfumes prior to a big trip overseas and it was by far my favourite and most useful gift..probably ever! These small bottles of scents are great for anyone who travels, but for also throwing in your make up bag, handbag, car, to take on the plane and even for layering. There are so many uses for them, PLUS, they last ages because they are rich  and quality scents. (don’t tell my friend Jess, but I also snatched up one for her for her Birthday from their newly opened Regent Street address).

The set contains: Lime Basil Mandarin, Pomegranate Noir, English Pear and Freesia, Peony & Blush Suede, Wood Sage & Sea Salt (one of my favourites).

Jo Malone English Pear & Freesia Bath Salts £30

A night in, glass of red, a good movie and a nice and relaxing bath filled with the golden and relaxing scent of Jo Malone English Pear & Freesia bath salts… life couldn’t get any better. So, why not give the gift of the ultimate bath time/ night in?

Open the doors of the Jo Malone London townhouse to reveal three sachets of English Pear & Freesia Bath Salts – the cutest, sweetest and darn thoughtful(est) gift. Make it even more special, and allow them to let the memory of their relaxing night-in linger, by throwing in Body Creme to seal in moisture and literally be – the perfect pair/ pear ** wink wink **.

Other great Jo Malone gift sets (that get the Lucy’s seal of approval) include: Pomegranate Noir Collection (seriously – unreal); Travel Candle Collection (get your friends addicted to these one baby candle at a time); and the ultimate in ultimate… The House of Jo Malone (trust me – you would earn SERIOUS brownie points if you gave this #IWouldDie #PantiesWouldDrop(i’m joking))

soap and glory the whole she bang

Soap and Glory It’s The Whole She-Bang £30 (1 week only otherwise £60)

Bowl her over with an impressive expanse of NINE (yes, nine) Soap and Glory favourites housed in a sexy cosmetic case the size of a small country. This treasure chest of Soap and Glory goodies is the ultimate/epic/most desired beauty-lover’s gift to receive. Not only does it contain all the hero/ award-winning products from the Soap and Glory range, but it is housed in this sweet make up case designed by Rodick (and is the perfect size for those who don’t like to travel light). It is beyond your wildest creams ** wink **

Available at Boots

Shay and Blue Pine D’Antibes £35

Throw open your nasal passages people – Shay and Blue (my latest perfume crush) – has a seriously addictive and festive candle to tickle any scent-fanatics. Pine d’Antibes is a concoction of silver fir covered in flakes. A misty winter’s eve. A flickering fire and the rich aroma of the pine tree you have thoughtfully decorated to bring festive cheer.

This prettily-perfumed candle is the perfect addition to any household thanks to its classy look, delectable scent to cancel out any cooking mishaps. Rich in heart, and steeped in spices, this is the ultimate winter’s tale/candle!

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