Let’s be truthful here (cause I am all about honesty) – the only thing better than Santa Claus coming to town is bread! Christmas is no longer a day where Elves make all your presents and sleighed them to your chimney. Nope, Christmas is now another day where I am reminded that I am eternally single, and I spend it drinking copious amounts of Mulled Wine, complaining about how being an adult isn’t as exciting as I thought it would be (nobody told me when I grew up I had to pay council taxes, feed myself or know how to reverse mould damage to your bathroom), oh, and sharing my love to my family on the other side of the world. It is also now a day where I am reminded that it is bloody cold and I no longer live in Kansas (Sydney) anymore Toto. And said coldness isn’t having the kindest effect on my body or skin.

Winter is literally the devil (to your skin). I should know – it is my third winter in 1.5 years. Yep, that’s what happens when you move countries and end up in a town that isn’t so forgiving to your skin like your previous city was. Don’t get me wrong – I gosh-darn love London-Town! Hells, I would even have it’s babies if I could. But my skin is eternally freaking out due to the lacksidasical weather that is constantly being thrown at it – air conditioned rooms, overcrowded tubes, people coughing in your face (on said packed tubes), ice-cold temperatures, and constantly jumping in and out of scarves and beanies like they are going out of fashion. There are so many perils that my skin faces on a day-to-day basis, I am utterly confused at how it isn’t as bad as it should be.

Then my brain explodes – it is most likely due to my saving-face skincare routine that I introduced a week before I jetted back home to Chelsea (from Sydney) – by introducing a few key face-savers…. Go-to skincare saviours, that is!

I have used Go-To skincare previously (about a year ago) and was besotted. Then I moved countries and forgot about (sorry). Then I started seeing it all across the British magazines I was reading and had a bit of a huzzah moment – and realised I needed it back in my life. And thank god I did – cause I had forgotten how great it worked on my complexion.

But what makes this range so great, you ask? Well, aside from the fact that Zoe Foster-Blake founded it and inserted her life-blood into it (and she is basically a skincare-god, people). Well, aside from that, it is also awesome because it is a basic-bitch! It gets your skin – what it needs (nutrients), what it doesn’t (nasties, chemicals, the unneccessaries) and tell them (nasties) to sit it out on the bench whilst the naturalies take centre stage and do goodness to your dermis.

I am a huge sucker for the Exfoliating wipies when I am in need of some skin transformation (think overcrowded congestion routes around my chin and uneven road-works aka skin on my forehead). And then, because it is eternally crisp outside, my lips have been having a love affair with Lips! The super balm… cause it is literally a superhero in a pink tube that ensures I have no crispy bits on my smackers.


But what I am most impressed with is the Go-To Face Hero because it literally makes my face emit rainbows. Like a true unicorn that it is, it makes my life more magical. It harnesses the power of 10 potent plant and nut oils, and a butt-loads of essential fatty acids and vitamins to boost hydration, revitalise and smooth your complexion. It is my new best friend because it leaves no oil slick (like some oils do), sinks in deep and absorbs quickly to ensure I am ageing less quickly (lord knows I will need botox by the time I am 30) and fight inflammation (namely caused by excessive heating in my general vicinity).

Girls, you don’t need a guy to be your hero/knight-in-shining-armour/superman! Nope, you just need this skin hero to work its magic and save your day. It is the hero we have all been waiting for!

Go-To Skincare can be shipped worldwide ** hallelujah**!

Have you given Go-To a go?

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