I have treaded the halls of Debenhams and Selfridges for days now trying to find the most wintery fragrance I could. Then the ever divine Holly from Jo Malone hit me with the Dark Amber and Ginger Lily Cologne, and all my treading was finished for the season. This intense, fragrant and perfectly scented cologne is now my ultimate winter fragrance. ** que the applause **

Finding your ultimate winter fragrance is never easy. You want something that has warmth, but is not overpowering. Something that calms the soul, yet energises at the same time. You want something to give you that glimmer of hope that Summer is around the corner, but yet, delivers on the right wintery notes. It is hard to find. I have spent many cooler months searching for that right scent, and I thought I found it in my Jo Malone Tuberose Angelica, only to realise it is a little too sexy for the day (I only reserve it for night, now) and wasn;t exactly send the right message. But then Dark Amber and Ginger Lily came via my nasal cavity and I collapsed in happiness – finally a wintery scent that ticks all the boxes.


So why is it so special? Enriched with black orchid and amber, this sensual scent is clean, dramatic and oozes class. It is a relaxing scent that garners all kinds of compliments – from both sexes (win). Top notes are Black Cardamom that is rich, smoky and aromatic. When freshened with ginger, it gives the air of crisp sensuality. The heart note is Black Orchid – a rare flower that adds depth. At the base there is the Kyara Incense – an incense that is central Kodho ceremony (a highly ritualised Japanese art of incense appreciation). Kyara wood mingles with the warmth of dark amber to give the fragrance a calming character.

So if you are after a distinctive, somewhat exotic and warm scent that lasts, then I would totally hit up this fragrance-freeway. Enchanting, defining, sensual… there are too many adjectives to describe this beautiful fragrance bouquet. I will let you define who you describe it for yourself.

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