I took up faking it at the start of the year – not organisms (excuse you – mind out of the gutter) eyelash extensions, that is. It was a great decision at the time as I could wake up looking fresh sans makeup. But what I wasn’t aware of after entering into this beauty cult (eyelash extensions are addictive I tell you) was the aftermath… the perils of losing my actually pretty decent-length lashes and being left with unpredictable, stumpy and fragile lashes – it was such a travesty.

So, in a quest to get my lashes of lashes-past, back, I went all gung-ho on taking care of my lashes like they were my very own newborn babies. Did it pay off? Well is the Pope a Catholic – hells yeah! I now am back to getting a decent amount of compliments each month, stroking my ego and reaching my compliment quota without giving me a big head. And the thing is – it wasn’t all that hard. You too can get long lashes. Now let me tell you how.

rapidlash rapidshield

Invest in quality lash enhancing products.

Can I get an AHHHHMENN for RapidLash Lash Enhancing Serum? It has been a godsend in helping get my lashes get back in tip-top shape over the past couple of months, not to mention allowed them to look longer, healthier and compliment worthy (which is what we all want).

To maintain my lashes and keep them hydrated (especially in an overly air-conditioned room), I always top them up with RapidShield Daily Conditioner. It might sounds strange, but essentially it helped to protect against daily external factors (particularly pollution which is ripe in London ** cough cough ** my everyday Tube journey), hydrates dry lashes, and acts as a daily beauty treatment for weakened lashes (why should your skin have all the fun). It also works to de-clumpify manky mascara after a long day to help sexify your lashes for the evening without having to reapply #Efficiency!

Basically, these two lash products have been my superheroes, knights in shining armour, my Prince Charmings… you get the drill!


Before and 2 months after using RapidLash and RapidShield (excuse the crummy, low-res images)

Fake it till you make it with False lashes

Never let a lash-growing month stop you from being the Belle of the ball. Don’t think that growing your lashes means you have to avoid flutter-worthy lashes; Oh hells no! Instead of eyelash extensions, leverage the cheap-as-chips falsies that you can pick up from any Priceline or Boots and that come in an array of styles to suit any Cinderella’s needs.

My go-to falsies whilst I am on lash-watch are Ardell Wispies and the Fleur de Force by Eyelure Simply Fleur Lashes – both from Boots. They are both inexpensive, easy to apply and can be re-used (and we all love to save our pennies).

how to get longer lashes

Throw out scary eyelash curlers and opt for gentler devices.

If your quest for healthier lashes is being led down the drain thanks to an obsession with lash curlers – then step away, throw it in the bin and invest in the nifty contraption that is the YOSO Heated Lash Eyelash Curler. For less than £20 (£15.99 in fact) you get a convenient eyelash brush that heats up and lifts your lash for a dramatic ‘just-woke-up-from-100hrs-sleep’ kinda doe-eyed look … and that is what every gal is after, right?

Not only is it cheap, a perfect way to open the eye/soul but it is also safe, compact so fits into your makeup case and won’t damage your lashes like traditional curlers will. Not to mention; it will probably save you from the dreaded pain of accidentally clamping your eyelid and ending up with a bruised eye (has happened to me on one too many occasions).

Curled lashes help give the illusion of longer lashes, but this machine ALSO helps to keep them long and healthy. I think you would say that is a win win, really!?

How do you get your lash-groove on?

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