how to get toned legs

I hate showing off my legs. Seriously, my legs are like a stumpy tree bred with a poorly postured human – they are chunky and my quads over arch my knees. They are a bizarre creature – one I will never get used to, but know how to dress appropriately (knee length everything is my go-to). But, thanks to a rather bad London tube wind-situation (not from the bottom variety – actual gusts of wind, variety), I have had to prepare my legs for accidental visibility… So know a thing or two for getting them prepared for Summer/ being accidentally shown off/ ensuring they are good to go all year round. I also came across a rather delicious skirt from Glue Store the other day and HAD to have it… so thought I would share my plan to put them on display and get into shorter skirts in 2016.

This is my go-to action plan for great legs every day of the month!

how to get great legs

1 – Scrub up

I LOVE a little dry body brushing. Some claims it will miraculously get rid of your cellulite, yet after regliously scrubbing myself silly for two years, I am still plagued with the bain that is cellulite. But, it does however, give you a great ass, removes dead skin cells and keeps you smooth – perfect for Summer, pre fake tanning or just to get smoother skin.

GO TO SCRUB – The Body Shop Cactus Body Brush is my go-to body brush. It is cost-effective, lasts ages and doesn’t burn your skin when you brush it.

2 – Squat it like it’s hot

I wont lie – I have a pretty decent ass and back of leg area (aside from a little bit of cellulite) because I squat. I don’t attend the gym (I attend my couch and netflix religiously, though… it is basically a religion), but I do have a tendency to squat whenever I blow dry my locks or brush my teeth. I used to do it on my stairs, but since moving to London and having minimal space (let alone any stairs), I have taken to squatting it like my ass depended on it (which is does – I eat way too much junk). Squatting is magical because it works your biggest muscle, boosts your overall fitness, tones not just your legs (but your core) and can be performed basically anywhere (even in the bathrooms of an airplane toilet). See – magical!

GO TO LEG TONING CLASSES – Whilst squatting is free and can be done everywhere, sometimes I like to go a little further and actually attend a class that I know will work out my legs even more (and the rest of my body too #NobodyLikesTuckShopArms). I can never go past a good Barre class to get my butt into shape. Xtend Barre in Australia and Barre Core in London are what I hit up when I am in need of an exercise overhaul/ sweat-session. And boy, do they deliver!

glue store australia

3 – Invest in a statement skirt or short

What better motivation to get your legs on show, then buying a sexy short skirt or shorts to get inspired to sexify your pins? I have just hit up Glue Store (and spent a rather large sum) cause their Summer shorts and skirts range are on fire. Literally- too hot too handle. So, my motivation levels are peaked right now – and I am sure yours will too!

Gluttony sometimes is the best motivation!

4 – Wax on/ wax off

I am one of those girls that tries so hard to always have smooth legs, yet fails miserably. For days when my leg hairs have grown hairier than my fake fur rug, I invest heavily in a day of TLC – and heavy duty waxing. Literally ripping my body of any hair known to man makes me feel pretty sexy, and ready for my close up! It also helps to make you look pulled together and slim down your calves – always a winner.

GO TO WAXING KIT- Parissa Warm Wax is legendary at removing stubborn hair for up to 8 weeks (not to mention it contains Azulene Oil to prevent ingrown hairs ** hallelujah **).


5 – Tan

Nothing says ‘What were you thinking wearing that’ than opaque legs. I am a true advocate for a hint of colour… the fake variety, because I suffer what is commonly known as ‘Casper-the-not-so-friendly-ghost-syndrome’. Yep, I am pale AF and the I am not prepared to let my skin cells suffer by sitting in the daylight. I have vampiric tendencies so a gradual or fake tan suits me just fine.

Fake tan gives the illusion of slimmer legs and is also a heck of a lot more appealing than being able to see blood vessels on your quads! One can learn to contour with fake tan too for that added slimness.

Mumma always said fake it till you make it (ok, my Mum didn’t but let’s just pretend).

GO-TO TAN – St Tropez Bronzing Mousse because the heavens bled their soul into this magical concoction of a fake tan and I am forever grateful. But for when I am at the end of the month and need to eat, I head to St Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mousse for a golden, even tan that is happy on the purse.

How do you get great legs all year round?

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