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I scream bible on SPF! Watching the devastating effects the Sun’s rays have had on my Dad, I am vigilant and dedicated to keeping my body a sun damage free temple. I spent so many hours as a little kid, building sand castles, swimming and playing beach cricket in the sun  and thus, lackadaisically spent hours baking in the sun, turning every 20 minutes for equal measures of skin cancer..My face reads of one too many vacations up the coast and I am fearful of the damage it will do later in life: wrinkles are a big fear of mine. Slip, Slop, Slap, was a saying impounded in to my head as a Littley from Healthy Harrold, but, I will be the first to admit, a tan was well more interesting to me than my actual British, ghostly skin. It wasn’t until I started getting serious turkey chest that I realised, sun damage ain’t sexy!

I now embrace my ancestry and invest in decent spray tans because a tan should come in a bottle, not from the beach, and Turkey necks should be consumed not worn #JustSaying! And, because I am such a ‘Sun protection’ Warrior, I bring to you another one of my ‘Must have’ SPF products to get you through the Summer (or winter) months: with no skin cells in trauma. So, here are a few of my top picks for the best sunscreens you need to try this summer…

institut estherderm - la roche posay - phyto- paulas choice

When it comes to sunscreen, I try and avoid greasy products where I can. The trouble is, there isn’t a whole lot of grease-free sunscreens on the market (sans a few). I tried out Institut Esthederm Adaptasun Sensitive Skin Tanning Body lotion  on my recent holiday, and was quite impressed that it didn’t leave an oily residue like most sunscreens nor did it leave an oil in the water whilst I swam. Sure, it has a stupidly strange name and is bloody confusing which put me off it a little. I would normally avoid anything that didn’t have the words SPF on it and run like the wind cause it had the words ‘tanning’ on it (I refuse to tan), but apparently it has it’s own lingo (or the sorts) and provides protection (so I was told – I bloody hope they were right). To be fair, I probably wouldn’t repurchase cause of the hassle and high price point, but I was a fan because it allowed my sensitive skin to adapt more effectively to the sun (having not seen daylight in 10 months!) and tan with more ease (although I would never advocate the word tan without protection or for more than 30 minutes – but this has ‘natural’ protection). I have used the link (above) to the Look Fantastic website because it does a MUCH better job at explaining the product than their own website.

Probably my favourite SPF of all time is the La Roche Posay Anthelios XL Ultra Light SPF 50 +. This liquidy white cream pours and rubs in easily, and offers a great protection to the face that lasts. It has the highest UVA and UVB protection (in Australia), is super lightweight and non-sticky and leaves an invisible finish. It is also handbag friendly, suitable for acned skin (as non-comodogenic) and excellent for even the most sensitive of Sallys (because it is paraben and fragrance-free)!

When applying sun-protection, you should NEVER forget your lips (your lips can get skin cancer too, you know). Without a doubt, I have totally fallen for the Paula’s Choice LipScreen. It is such a genius product that every beach goer and winter-fanatic needs! It is basically just an SPF rich lip balm that also hydrates, prevents lips from chapping and protects against UVA rays. It has no unpleasant taste and is fragrance free. A basic bitch that we all need to throw into our bags!

phyto plage sun care
We often forget that whilst our hair looks so delicious after it is first coloured, it is not permanent. Sun, is the biggest hinderance to colour preservation, so investing in colour protection tools is pivotal to your hair colour sanity. This is why I was never without PHYTO Plage Protecting Sun Oil (spray) on my recent visit down under. This spray is crafted using olive wax and other botanical ingredients to prevent hair and colour damage whilst in the sun, sea or swimming pool. It is also colorant and silicone free, not to mention, a rather dashing orange coloured bottle (which makes it an even more stylish accessory).


A few of my other favourite sun care faves include the Jurlique Sun Specialist range (perfect for sensitive skin), ModelCo Bronze Dry Touch SPF 50+ for a touch of glam (to your dreary protection) and any form of Nivea spray SPF (cause let’s be real- sunscreen application when you are single is such a chore… unless you can find some sexy man to rub into your back).

Preach the SPF people: skin cancer isn’t sexy, nor is dying from a preventable disease. Slip, slop, slap and wrap this Summer (actually, all year round)

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