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I have a slight obsession with interiors – I am a serial nester and knick-knack purchaser. It wouldnt be an issue if I was still living in Sydney because I had two rooms to myself. But in London, I have to be very picky with what I purchase due to the lack of space. So, in 2015 I haven’t done much nesting and I haven’t really felt settled. So, when George at Asda approached me to select some of their new homewares inspired by travel, I knew it was for me. Namely because I was in need of a bit of jazzing but also cause their range of homewares really surprised me – they were so beautiful and really tickled my passion for chasing my wanderlust.

My room before a little character adding!

My room before a little character adding!

The George at Asda Autumn/Winter 2015 range of homewares was globally inspired: from Asia, Scandinavia, the Arctic, America and Canada – each of the new-season trends: from the textures, colours, patterns and materials: were influenced by wanderlust. The range is all about creating a home with individuality and atmosphere… and it has now (as you will see) allowed me to have a room that I am happy to show off and come home to.

george by asda tundra homewares

I was instantly drawn to the Tundra range inspired by the Canadian landscape thanks to its rustic colours and textures that played off my already nature-based furniture allowing my room to be given an earthier, softer contemporary feel. It also happened to coincide with my buddy visiting from Canada – it was inevitable that I was immediately attached to that range (visually and emotionally). It also reminded me a lot of my time living in Austria and all the amazing furnishings that I purchased to create warmth during the cold months, but also to add a little personality.

george by asda tundra homewares

My interiors style is clean – very minimal with hints of idiosyncrasies. So, a clean slate was the starting point and then I just added from there. The Polar Bear cushion adds a little quirky to the serious room, whilst the wicker nesting baskets were a necessity to store my hair styling products (seriously, what’s up with not having power points to dry your hair in the bathroom?) plus added some texture to the room. The Ram’s skull and feather are necessary knick-knacks to create more warmth and points of focus – and they are really complimentary and warming to the wooden-framed bed frame and drawers that I inherited (not something I would dchoose to put in my room). The Rams head also reminds me a lot of my childhood and roaming the paddocks finding Kangaroo bones and thinking it was the most amazing thing ever. In hindsight, it was a tad sadistic but it was really a big eye-opener for us younglings, realising that life wasn’t infinite and that our time (just like animals) was finite.

George by asda tundra homewares

I unfortunately have suffered the wrath of a squeaky bed since renting my place in South West London. Not just mildly squeaky but the kind of squeak that screeches at you with every tiny body movement – not exactly great for my dating life OR lack of abilities to sleep in the first place. So, to make up for the fact that I wasn’t getting any sleep and my Landlord wasn’t doing a thing about it, I thought I had to warm up the boringness of my plain white sheets. The fake fur throw was guaranteed to do this… and then some. Not only is it ridiculously warm, but it hasn’t shed its fur either – talk about a bargain buy!

george by asda tundra homewares

I got to say good bye to that hideous witches hat light and hello to a beautiful woven light shade.

I really believed there was a god when I found the adorable woven light shade – to replace the heinous witch’s hat lamp shade I was so fortunate to have bestowed upon me when I moved (honestly, DISGUSTING). It adds character, changes the light in the room and certainly adds the finishing touch on my now loveable room …. I am never leaving my room (except to pee and work).

george by asda tundra homewares

This little revamp and the George at Asda Tundra range has certain tickled my wanderlust. I have been meaning to get away to more countries this year but work and my demanding schedule have meant I have only ventured off to some surrounding counties of the UK and Ireland. Don’t get me wrong – it has been an unbelievable year, but I have wanted to see more of the world (and been itching to do so). Canada is a place that most Australians will make a pilgrimage to – it is satiates their need for snow and has a great community feel… And let’s not even get started on the picturesque nature-scapes they have going on. Whilst it isn’t on my to-see list, I do crave venturing more into nature: climbing more mountains, seeing a animals in their natural habitat, Glaciers, cabins in the countryside and camping more. I do solemnly swear, that after adding this little inspiration to my room that 2016 will be more about me than others – and travel is high up on that list.

Where do you get your inspiration from to decorate your house?

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  • I didn’t know George stocked such nice items. I will have to have a look tomorrow at my local Asda

    Lauren x |

  • Sam

    I think George have got it so spot on this year with their homeware range, I’m totally obsessed! I love that polar bear cushion, it’s so cute xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

  • Pinterest and other house blogs are great inspiration, even just other people’s houses on instagram is a good spot for inspo.

    Tegan xx – Permanent Procrastination

  • I love what you did with that room! The tray of beauty products is just wonderful. I definitely look to Pinterest for home interior ideas but then again since my sister is an interior designer she makes for a great resource.