I am basically the human version of a magpie – anything that is sparkly or pretty, I am automatically drawn to. You will often find me walking around London, ‘Ooohing’ and ‘Ahhing’ at the buildings and parks, in complete awe of the beauty that is London. Don’t even get me started on Cherry Blossom season – my poor friends really were dealt a difficult hand with all my announcements at how obsessed I was with the pink explosions lining our street. So, it is little wonder that I am also a scent magpie – anyone that smells good, my nose picks up and essentially stalks till I find out what scent it is. This might occur on the packed trains and even then… I have no dignity when it comes to my perfume hawking – I MUST know and I MUST own!

So, when I smelt Jo Malone Tuberose Angelica it was a no brainer that it was to be my newest date scent. And date scent it was. It came with me to every date and garnered quite a few compliments, second dates and even jealous females were asking what I was wearing. Yep, it houses a lot of positive reviews.

The cologne is chock full of white florals, freesias, amber wood and English pear, with a touch of spiciness of angelica. It is sensual, sumptuous, intoxicating and desirable…. all the adjectives you need for a first date – in scent form! It encapsulates casual elegance like nobody else! And the perfect layering scent.


This cologne is a contrast of light and dark. The contrast of its creamy fresh florals and sweet woods that are intriguing and delicate, that sit against a dark and rich background. The dark contrast being the peppery undertones and amber and sandalwood sandwich. It reminds me of my Mum’s ardent Dior colognes that sprinkled my childhood memories. The scent remains impassioned, dark and brooding for about an hour but the longterm scent rises to be a sweeter, softer and subtler scent – essentially drawing one in with darkness, and maintaining them with innocence. It totally makes sense to be a date or on the prowl scent!

So, I hear you asking: did it successfully secure me a boyfriend?! Pfft I wish! Unfortunately, no – I am alas still very single. But 10 points for trying! Next round I am hooking myself up with the Dark Amber and Ginger Lily on my trip to Australia – cause a girl always needs a fresh new scent for a fresh new chapter… or just because!

Jo Malone Tuberose Angelica retails for £105 / $240 AU (for 100mL)

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