Becca Cosmetics Champagne Pop

Last week I made my way to Roux at the Landau at The Langham in London with my fellow Aussie blogger, amazing-flatlayer and all-round cool chick, Georgia-Jade from The Weekend Attic. No, I wasn’t there for a fancy meal (although, definitely on my bucket list) but for a rather smashing preview of the newest releases from an all-time favourite brand of mine: BECCA Cosmetics. Being Australian, I am naturally a HUGE fan of this classic, radiance-giving and natural beauty illuminating Australian cosmetics brand and already own a butt-tonne of products that I have collected over the years. So, hearing all about their seriously sick new launches made me giddy.

becca cosmetics champagne pop

Anna, the Brand Manager of BECCA and big-time makeup artist, gave us a run down of the new releases and allowed us to test them out for ourselves (whilst sipping Laurent Perrier ). She introduced each product and let’s just be honest here – I squealed with every new release (literally – I ‘oo’ed and ’ahhh’dout loud). So, now let me share with you my favourites of the new releases – just so you can get as giddy as I did!

BECCA Cosmetics Backlight Priming Perfector 

Have you ever wanted to look like you exude health? Like the type of person who’s skin sparkles like Edward Cullen and look like they can talk about Green Juices and Chlorophyll with conviction? Like, you get 8 hours of sleep a night and live off happiness and sunshine? Yeah, me too – except I just can’t. But lucky for me, I can now fool everyone into thinking I am just that type of person thanks to this ridiculously brilliant primer – a primer that is basically a built-in backlight for your skin.

Think luminous, radiant, filtered skin that is prepped and primed and keeps your make up on for most of the day. Well, the BECCA Cosmetics Backlight Priming Perfector is just that – and then some. Yep, #NoFilter is now a reality!

becca cosmetics champagne pop

BECCA Comsetics Lowlight/Highlight Perfecting Palette (Pressed)


I am such a sucker for multi-tasker and this palette is just that. Now you can get your contour and highlight on in the convenience of one palette (#SpaceSaving). This palette allows you to get beautifully defined skin by adding depth with the Lowlight Sculpting Perfecter and dimension with the Shimmering Skin Perfector (poured Opal).

Within an instance, your skin can be transformed to a natural-looking perfection. I am totally addicted to the poured Shimmering Skin Perfector to add light and lift my cheekbones, allowing me to fool you all in to thinking I have some sort of structure in my face amongst t all the Krispy Kreme and Dominos Pizza at 2am, chubbiness. Finally, I can look like I have my life together!

becca cosmetics champagne pop

BECCA Cosmetics Mineral Blush (in Lantana)


Fiery-red is often reserved for the depths of hell (or my soul) but don’t be afraid to wear it on your face. Lantana is my newest go-to blush colour thanks to its light-reflecting Mica and infusion of antioxidants and delicate illuminating particles. I was wary at first about wearing this pop of colour of my severely opaque face, but it grew on me because it is subtle and totally not how you would imagine it to come out.

becca cosmetics champagne pop

BECCA Ombre Rouge Eye Palette


My eyes change colour a lot – some days they are very Hazel, some days they are yellowy/green. I guess they are like a mood-ring and change depending on how I am feeling. But recently, they have been a blazing yellowy/green and I have been struggling to find a colour that brings them out that is not bordering on got-in-a-makeup-fight-with-a-hooker-the-hooker-won… you know what I mean?! So, when I came across this wintery colour way in this new palette I was instantly won over. Not only because the colours are totally drool-worthy and subtle, but also because they had a built-in primer (to extend your eye-colour wear), matte (no more teen-glitter angst) and ideal for most skin types – not to mention the packaging was to die for.

I have been rocking the palette all weekend long: from a subtle brown with a slick of mascara for day, to a more intense smokey eye with lashing of black mascara and a flick of eyeliner for night. This versatile palette is perfect for me and my impending travels – I just have to make sure nobody steals it (it is totally lust-worthy)!

All these new releases are available at Cult Beauty and Space.NK in the UK now.

What is your favourite product from BECCA Cosmetics? Will you try the new range?

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