Rocking up to my interview (having overheated in Satans den in the back of the cab ride over), I was overwhelmed and running on another planet. I sauntered into the hallucenejenic lift at The Sanderson and then into the glam oversized bedroom with a see-through (yet, epically designed) bathroom and within seconds, my stress was qualmed. Ella Henderson; the radiant teen; gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek and within seconds, I was at ease.

Ella Henderson is a breath of fresh air in the music industry – not only does she have a voice of a rocking’ angel, but she is downright awesome! I genuinely wanted to be her bestie and she even said I was her favourite interview that day ** chuffed** (although she probably says that to everyone ha). Moving on…

Batiste announced their new global Brand Ambassador – Ella Henderson – the UK X factor finalist and singer songwriter of the well known song Ghost, back in March. However, the dry shampoo is only just hitting shelves in Australia (just in time for Summer) and I was fortunate enough to interview her – a secret I have been holding in for a while now (feels good to let it all out).

The International Pop Star was there to promote her newest ambassadorship – as the new face of Batiste. And for 10 whole minutes – I got to interview her and ask her about everything from her favourite perfume to her favourite product to her favourite perfume. …

Ella signed up with Batiste because it was a brand she loved and used frequently. She told me that she had to 100% believe in something to sign up to it and Batiste was something that she trusted. She felt it was a young, fun yet sophisticated brand that had help save her from many a hair disaster. She said she was a massive fan of the Blonde Dry Shampoo can and had become addicted to the plumping powder after having used it on set for the campaign.

Her scent for the range has notes of Sandalwood, vanilla etc and she loved creating it because she said it reminded her of that relaxed feeling of being on the beach, on holidays and not having to worry about too many things #ThatsTheLife. Speaking of beaches, she said her favourite beach-side destination was Mauritius and she dreams of spending a long time in St Lucia. She also was a fan of Australia (who wouldn’t be).


Now onto the nitty-gritty/ my favourite questions – beauty (der). Ella lives by the mantra of less is more and is a massive believer that no woman should ever change for anything – they should embrace themselves. She is a stickler for positive body image which makes this collaboration even more awesome – cause she is like the everyday woman. She rocks!

Ella collects perfumes from every country she travels. She said her library of perfumes are constantly growing (because of all her trails) and each scent she picks up reminds her of that country. But what is her Australia perfume, you ask? Marc Jacobs Daisy – fresh, spirited and fun… She certainly gets Australia!

Ella loves a healthy skincare routine and likes to keep makeup to a minimum when she isn’t working (think tinted moisturiser, mascara, bronzer – fresh faced). She likes to pamper her locks and try and look like she has had 12 hrs of sleep when she has only had 1! The woman is my soul-sister: i love good act of Tom-foolery too!

So there you have it people  – I interviewed a celebrity and she was fabulous. It is no wonder Batiste took her on – she is fresh, sweet, fun and funky… Exactly what I picture Batiste as.

“From studio to stage, at home or on the road, I know I can always count on Batiste to refresh and restyle my locks whenever, wherever I need it.” What can you always count on?

Image credit- batiste and CapitalFM
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