santander cycles

It is common knowledge that when the sun rears its face in London, one must venture to the grassiest knoll they know and bask in the glory of the down pouring (I use that loosely) of Vitamin D. So, one Saturday, when all my friends from Australia and Brother were in town, we decided to make our way to the grassiest of knolls I know: Regents Park.

Exercise and me are not two mutually agreeing words, but touristing it up is! But, because I was starting to take the shape of a Potato, instead of a curvaceous-woman, I thought tourisitng it up in an active way, instead of my usual sit-on-le-ass type of touristing was probably a better use of my time. So off we went to Regent’s Park to find us a Santander bike rack with enough bikes to cater to 7 people. Sure, it took a while to find and after many failed attempts, I decided to download the Santander Cycle app and find the closest bike station – not too much of a walk from Jubilee Gate.

santander cycles

Hiring a bike is simple – whack in your credit card, follow the instructions and out whips a receipt with your bike code. Pop in your code and out comes your bike – ain’t rocket science people!

santander cycles

Me and some of my bike posse!

So, no (as the title might imply),  I didn’t really join a bike gang per say – I just invented one for the day and it was awesome. The reason behind choosing the bike route of Regent’s Park was mostly because it was flat (always a win for the less-fit ** cough cough ** me) and also I wasn’t too keen to spend a lot of time weaving in between cars (the last time I rode a bike on the road was when I lived in Austria in 2011). What was great about this route, aside from the fact that it was ridiculously beautiful, was that it used to be the old stomping ground of my Grandma and Grandpa (or there abouts) having met in London and falling madly in love and started a family. Essentially, I rode around my own history – probably wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for their ‘meeting’! #ThanksGrandyAndGrandpa!

jubilee gates regents park

Cycle past historical sites still blows my mind. I often have to pinch myself and remind myself that I live in London!

Catching up with friends in beautiful surroundings, and being able to share fun memories with my little Bro by chowing down on Pizza Express after our hard cycle is something I will hold very close for years to come – it is funny how joining a bike gang does that to you – I highly recommend it.

santander cycles

Benefits of cycling around Regent’s Park are…

– Exercise. Blood circulating. Oxygen to brain. Basic function for life. #CommonSense

– Vitamin D absorption (nobody wants osteoporosis, do they now?).

– Checking out the beautiful of houses around Regent’s Park and ** fingers crossed ** maybe stumbling across your own Romeo (who owns one of those houses).

– “Chasing” the squirrels around the cycle paths. Don’t worry – no animals are harmed in the making of your adventure – you are never going to be fast enough to catch them.

– You can have a wheely (went there) good time with friends in beautiful surroundings whilst discovering London. Nothing will ever top that!

When was your last cycling adventure?

*I was kindly gifted a voucher for lunch for compensation for this post. We all paid for our bike hire ourselves.

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