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Korean skincare is big at the moment, I am all for jumping on the bandwagon so I knew I had to jump on this skincare trend. I recently discovered some great Asian inspired beauty products  and after that, I did a bit of a jig around with my skincare routine and stuck with it (I haven’t stuck with a skincare regime since I was 13 – I am such a commitment-phobe). It surprises me that I stuck with it but after seeing just how decent my skin was look after a week I thought, ‘heck, I might as well’! So I did… and the rest is history. And like a good beauty blogger, I am hear to chat all about what I used for 4 straight weeks to get my glow on.

When I was emailed by the team at The Silk Rose, they asked my skincare concerns and type, and then they sent me products that could help. I highly recommend always shopping for your skin type and not what has hype around it as you want your skin to benefit from products, and not just sit on a hype-train and garner no results. So, my skin concerns were blemishes and unevenness, so they prescribed me the below – and kudos to them, cause I actually saw results (which is quite rare).

korean skincare results

Goodal Phytowash Yerba Mate Bubble Peeling

Anything with the word bubble in it has my seal of approval ** bubbles ** but when it comes to skincare, the thought of my skin bubbling kinda freaked me out. But I needn’t fear, as this nutrition infused exfoliator was in fact a creamy serum that just foams after a little while, effectively removing dead skin cells and purging the pores without stripping it of moisture. This first step in my routine (I alternated between a basic cleanser and this, ensuring I never overused it) helped to brighten my complexion whilst removing the day’s gunk.

Mizon Snail Repair Eye Cream

I won’t lie: I was most excited to try this mainly because the idea of slime (ironically) really excited me. I am a stickler for the gross (at times) and as a child, was obsessed with playing with snails. I used to build snail fortresses and then become really sad to see the snails had escaped over night ** sad face **. But lucky for me (and snails), I now get to spend my nails using snail slime in my skincare routine – it really is viciously enlightening ha!

Snail mucin (slime) is a hero ingredient that, aside from being anti-microbial, is also chockfull of antioxidants, elastic, gyclcolic acids and proteins. Who would have thought a snail was the root of my anti-ageing quest. Snails are the new superhero!

LJH Tea Tree Essence

This is probably my favourite as I think it was the ring-leader in reducing my breakouts (note – I still have breakouts but these are mostly hormonal/ what can ya do about it?!).  I used it after cleansing my skin. It is a lightweight serum that contains 90% tea tree extract that has helped reduce pimples and even skin tone slightly.

Tip – Confused about how to layer serums/ essences/ emulsions / moisturisers? The Silk Rose ladies told me you should always use products from the thinnest in texture to the thickest i.e essence then emulsion then moisturiser.

korean skincare

Goodal Super Seed Oil Plus Moist Emulsion

I had never used an emulsion before, and after using this beauty, I realised I had clearly been missing out.. BIG TIME! This refreshing emulsion is silky textured and absorbs like a bullet into the skin (i.e sooooo quick). It surprises me that something that is essentially an oil can seep into your skin. One minute it is on your skin, the next it is gone. It is perfect for time poor peeps like myself as it means you can get on with the rest of your routine pretty quickly – and I am all for efficiency. Formulated with 7 different super seeds and red yeast rice, it works to hydrate and nourish and left my skin feeling like velvet. Literally, I wanted to stroke my face all day (not so great for my efficiency ha).

LJH Probiotic Night Cream

I use probiotics on a daily basis because I have a dodgey gut and immune system. They are essentially my BFF, so I was intrigued to use it as my final step of my Korea skincare routine in moisturiser form, too.

As I have quite combination/ moody skin, this moisturiser was perfect because it was super lightweight yet hydrated (whilst I slept). It is essentially a sleeping mask and cream, contains 50% probiotic extract and helps to neutralise the damaging effect of free-radicals. I always often wake up in a foul mood, but my skin doesn’t (after I use this) – it is silky and dewy: what more could I ask for (maybe a hot, wealthy husband, a kick-ass set of legs, less dry locks and brows that never need taming… but I am not needy… much)!

I would whole-heartedly recommend this site for anyone trying to get access to Korean skincare, without the barriers that buying Korean skincare can hold. The site is easy to navigate, sell only the best Korean brands (and a small amount so as not to confuse you with too many) and are really affordable. They have (from the last time I checked) added a heap more products that I am super keen to give a whirl so know I will be jumping online when I run out soon and topping up with some newbies, especially now as the weather is getting colder in the UK, and hydration is now my key issue.

These products were kindly gifted to me for editorial consideration.

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