“No Lucy you can’t bring a puppy to a wedding – it is against “health regulations” to have an animal near a kitchen”.

Sometimes, being an adult is hard – you get dealt so many knock-backs. But then I realise I gots da credit card and work hard for the money so I might as well go out and discover what the world has to offer… and these are my latest finds in the realm of beauty. #YouAreWelcome

Guinot Hydra Finish Face Cream*

WoahhhhMumma! I am so addicted to this beauty. For years I have dreamt of walking out of the house with nothing but face lotion, and for a good week, I was doing just that (till the crimson wave hit and my skin thought it would detach itself from the radiant peaks of ‘decent skin’ and flare up like a hormonal teen #ThanksBuddy)!

Because it is purple pigmented, this miracle worker reduces redness and gives me a somewhat flawless complexion. The formula transforms and adapts to your skin tone, achieving a radiant holiday glow sans the stripping of your bank funds.

Next time I am rocking a serious hangover, Imma whip this tube out and fool you all into thinking ’I woke up like this (when in fact I am dying a slow, painful, alcohol-fuelled death on the inside – the things we do to make friends in new countries ** tut tut **)!

Origins Zero Oil Deep Pore Cleanser*

Mumma always told me not to play with fire, but she might need to call the fire brigade (all the way from Aus) cause my skin is scorching. Scorchingly sexy after introducing this oil-busting beauty.

Not one to scream too loudly about a product, but if I could please talk a little higher than normal, I would say ‘I am undeniably in love with this cleanser’! Not only does it work to control excess oil (hello, oil slick T-zone), but it also contains salicylic acid to exfoliate and penetrate deep down to hinder oil production in the future. Results? Cleaner, less oil shine that no longer shines by 10am!

Clinique Turnaround Revitalising Instant Facial

Somedays I feel that we are all just trying to turn hard work into chicken nuggets. But, when all the chicken nuggets are gone and all that is left is the rubbish, it makes me think – why am I wasting my cash money on giving myself diabetus when I could be giving myself good skin?! So, I raced out and spent it on a new face mask (cause a girl could never have enough of them) and it just so happened to be a restocking of a face mask that I am quite the trusting advocate of – the Clinique Turnaround Revitalising Instant Facial. I whack it on when I am feeling low, and my skin is looking a little gloomy. Neckminute, I am beaming with dewy, supple skin and the sun is radiating out of my pores like a Kardashian sister  (*disclaimer – I can’t promise that the sun will shine out your pores #Soz #NotSoz).

So yeah, I rate this beauty pretty highly! Who needs a boyfriend when you can invest in skincare?!

Pureology Perfect 4 Platinum Miracle Filler Treatment 

This little Blondie has a serious case of dry-hair. I ain’t no Goldilocks – more like Drylocks (not funny – I am aware) – but there isn’t a whole lot I can do about it, sadly. One of the benefits downfalls of being Blonde, is the constant bleaching for upkeep. Whilst I maintain (or manetain ** here all evening **) my locks to the best of my ability, I do need to invest a lot in my hair regime. This is where treatment sprays come in.

Pureology Perfect 4 Platinum Miracle Filler Treatment is an underground cult classic – clearly more Blondes need to learn about its existence so they can have even MORE fun! It is a superb leave-in spray that helps to foster changes in your hair scale layer, helping protect it from wear and stress. It is also vegan (not that I care – just thought I would throw out a fun fact)!


ColbertMD Stimulate ‘The Serum’*

Hear ye, hear ye – I need to proclaimeth that this serum is as the label suggests ‘THE Serum’! A serum that instantly boosts collagen production by working deep within the dermis to restore skin’s vibrancy and youthful radiance. It contains a powerful complex of plant actives (Gotu Kola and Coffee Arabica Seed Extract) and nutrients, and is infused with patented QuSome™ Technology to facilitate the regeneration of skin. It is best teamed with another fave of mine – the ColbertMD illumino Oil – for an extra level of skin protection. I am a sucker for a good dermatological brand.

Let’s just say, I am on the radiance train to ‘Glowing Complexion if you would like to join me’ **toot toot**!

Available in Space.NK in the UK and Mecca in Australia.

White Glo Sensitive Toothpaste*

Teeth – you either love them or hate them. I am in the process of getting mine straightened with Invisalign, and I am well on the way to loving them. The only problem is; they are getting a little faded, and loosing their pizazz. I used to have a good set of pearly whites thanks to my obsession with being constantly stocked up with White Glo toothpaste when I lived in Aus. Then I moved countries, invested heavily in the British culture of drinking and decided it was about time to start enjoying coffee. I am still as of yet to enjoy the thought of coffee, but it has been providing me with a steady stream of energy bursts fora bout 6 months… much to the dismay of my teeth.

But one must never fear in the face of grey-teeth…. That is what White Glo Sensitive Toothpaste is for! Designed for the more Sensitive Sallys like myself, this whitening toothpaste contains potassium nitrate to help prevent tooth pains and discomfort often associated with sensitivity. It also helps boost whiteness of your chompers – always a bonus! I am on my way to a rather smashing set of teeth if I am being honest!

White Glo is available in Superdrug in the UK and Woolworths in Australia.

 What products have you recently discovered that you love?

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