For a good two weeks; when I first landed in London; I got compliments galore on how frizz-free my locks were. Londoners were baffled at how; with so much rain, sleet and beanies on and off action; how exactly I was able to maintain my mane sans the frizz. I would giggle because I was clearly in on a secret – my BHAVE Smoothe Keratin treatment, in-fact.

Having the treatment applied to my locks

Having the treatment applied to my locks


Sometimes I use the ‘F’ word a lot. Sometimes not enough. But in the hair world, the F word is frowned upon, and for great reasoning – it is sooooo 1999 (and we don’t party like that anymore). The F word in question is Formaldehyde – the same F word that used to whack people out during the black and white days during operations, sheesh! So, when I say keratin treatment, most peeps automatically start fanning themselves because it brings back the horrid stench and memories of their previous “keratin-smoothing’ days…. and nobody likes to remember that.

Lucky for us all, formaldehyde is now banned, and no longer in treatments, but that doesn’t mean that all keratin treatments are all equal. Oh, hells no! This is why I love the BHAVE Keratin Smoothe treatment – because not only is it nasty free, but the haircare range is wicked (for aftercare) and it literally allows you not fuss over your locks. Who needs to waste time on that when you could be out exploring beautiful London town?!

My hair never looked so silky and smooth!

My hair never looked so silky and smooth!


Way back in February, I had the opportunity to trial the bhave™ smoothe™ keratin therapy – an Aussie-made, formaldehyde-free keratin smoothing treatment that is designed to kick frizz to the curb, whilst nourishing and taming your locks for 2-4 months. You would have heard how I feel head-over-heels in love with the bhave haircare range; well I also fell for this treatment

Basically, I de-frizzafied my locks and allowed me to make friends with the dreary London weather meaning I no longer have to fear a rain storm. These locks weathered (basically) any storm till about April and even now. So now I think it is about time I start checking out The Studio in London who happen to do the BHAVE Keratin Smoothe treatment too #Winning)


Before meets after – dry, porous to silky and smooth.


The only downside to the treatment is the fact that you have to keep your locks REAL flat for 48 hours after. If you know me, I am a tuck-my-hair-behind-my-ears kinda gal… so it was initially quite struggle street. Also, it needs to be kept dry and I ain’t that fantastic at washing my face without soaking my hair… so it took a lot of patience. But let’s be real – 48 hours aint all that bad and the end result was so worth it.  Luscious, soft, frizz-free locks that basically defied British Winters… Hello new hair romance!

So, how is your hair holding up against the winter chill? Will you be making the investment into your sanity locks?

*I was kindly gifted this experience for PR purposes. This did not affect my opinion in anyway.

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