I am an Australian, so I know a thing or too about Summer. Having grown up in one of the hottest countries, and being as pale as a Polar Bear, my skin was never designed for the heat… but was an element I had to battle for around 7 months of the year. It was a little torturous – trying to look glam on a first date whilst it is 45 degrees and the sun is frying your skin like bacon in a fry-pan… never easy, nor fun! So, some would say I am an expert in all things makeup application for the heat!

Well, hate to burst your bubble, but I am not! I really have no tips for you other than – just don’t wear makeup. Freak all the kiddies out with your makeup-less face. Or just avoid all human contact when Satan’s den decides to show its face on earth. Hence why I have gone to the experts – Justine Jenkins – Cruelty-Free ambassador and all round awesome makeup artist for tips on how to battle the sweat and still looks glam. Here are a few of her tips for getting the most out of your Summer face and avoiding the dreaded sweat off that Summer inevitably brings.

sweat proof makeup

No more will I have to go makeup free over Summer

All about the base

Always wear separate SPF even if your BB, CC or Foundation contains it (you would need to use a LOT of product to get the same SPF benefits).

Avoid the shine 

To remove excess shine, dip a powder brush into a finishing powder. It will remove just enough shine to keep your skin dewy. Also use a waterproof concealer throughout the day to fix up any patches.


Use waterproof mascara for obvious reasons!

Becca Beach Tint

Sweat proof face colour

Waterproof bronzers exist and are perfect for when you want to venture to the ocean or a dip in the pool (and conscious of not wearing make up). Becca Beach Tints are useful for adding a pop of colour to your face, and have the added bonus of being waterproof. They can also be used on the lip to inject some vibrancy there, too. Also great as basically sweat proof.

So, there you have it – tips to make it through even the hottest and sweatiest of days.

What are you go to Summer make up products?

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