Does your body rival the Sahara? Do you have patches of dry skin that are notoriously ruining your make up application? Is your hair stiffer than the tin man’s joints from The Wizard of Oz? Well, let’s be real – you are only human, and dryness hits even the best of us beauty bloggers. I too suffer from terribly dry everything on the occasion, so I am somewhat of an expert on the matter.

Here I share with you my favourite ‘rave about’ hydrating products that you should all keep locked-and-loaded in your beauty cabinet!

Vita Coco water

Vita Coco Coconut Water

Let’s start with the basics – for a hydrated outside, one must always be adequately hydrated on the inside. It isn’t rocket science. Drinking 2L of water a day should be the aim of the game.

But, to take your hydration to the next level – Vita Coconut Water is just as good. I am a BIG fan of Isotonic refreshments, and always skull a cold coconut water after a sweat session. The great thing about Coconut Water is that refreshes my mind, tastes great and also helps me with my hangover… oh and hydrates like cray cray!

On another note – have you heard of the benefits of Coconut Oil, yet?

ColbertMD illumino Face Oil

Have you ever craved that dewy-face-of-an-angel type of skin and just been let down on so many occasions on products that made such angelic claims – but never delivered. Yeah, join the club! That was until I discovered this radiance-elixir and realised I had clearly been missing out on that fresh-faced-glow. What I am trying to (long-windedly) say, is that ColbertMD illumino Face Oil is my new addiction! Yes, I have a full throttle obsession with this face oil that I would literally sell my firstborn child to fund this addiction (never fear social services – I am, and will be for a while; childless)!

Not only does this miracle oil give you Pinterest-worthy fresh, dewy skin, but it also hydrates like a Mother ###! I have spent years searching for the holy grail of face potions/lotions/snake-venom – with great results – but none like I experienced with the ColbertMD illumino Face Oil. I suffer combination skin (shout out to all the combo skinned gals out there) and have never found a product that could tackle my dry patches and oiliness and give me a glow.

I feel like I am somewhat indebted to ColbertMD in a way – my skin preaches for the oil (I can only imagine how brill the rest of the range would be)! I think I might now worship at the alter of ColbertMD – it is a skin-religion, right?!

ColbertMD is now also available in Mecca in Australia.


Bakel Hydramist

I am a big user of facial mists. I used to get ridiculed at my old job for having so many hydrating mists on my desk and always spritzing. However many times I used my facial sprays, however, none of them lived up to the hype the label suggested – they really just soothed my skin and that was about it.

Enter Bakel Hydramist and well, everything else was blown of the water. This little beauty not only smells delicious and of my childhood (Jasmine), but it ACTUALLY does what it says it will! It soothes, revitalises and hydrates. It contains a powerful mix of anti-ageing active ingredients that helps to restore the skin. It always manages to leave me with a glowing complexion and those dry patches on my cheeks? What dry patches on my checks (#NoMoreDry)!

RapidShield Eyelash Daily Conditioner

I know it might sound strange – a hydrator for your lashes, but trust me on this one. My lashes have taken a beating since I opted for eyelash extensions at the start of the year – and they are always in need of a little TLC. Inbetween sessions I also go gung-ho and ensure that my lashes are conditioned to the best ability by using RapidShield Eyelash Daily Conditioner twice a day (as well as RapidLash Enhancing Serum to help promote lash growth). This highly beneficial lash conditioner protects the lashes during the day, whilst delivering nourishment and hydrating benefits.

This little beauty has become my lashes new BFF!

hydrating body lotion

Hand Chemistry Hyaluronic Body Mist

Snakes are cool and all – but snake skin is sooooo 2000. It is the worst! But Hand Chemistry Hyalronic Body Mist has been helping keep my skin well equipped in the over-air-conditioned workplace by providing a refreshing and light must that nourishes deep below the surface of the skin. With a low-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid in a base of purified mushrooms, tamarind and corn derivatives, this next-generation mist provides contiionus hydration and leaves me with smooth, and zesty-smelling skin.

Definitely a winner in my eyes.

PHYTOKERATINE Extreme exceptional care for ultimate repair

Dry hair – it literally is the bane of my existence. There are days where I am so tempted to shave all my hair off to avoid the dreaded morning brush. I legit fear brushing my hair when I wake up as I never know if it is going to get lost in the Garden of Lucy (aka – my dry, knotty mane). However, my friends at PHYTO just launched a new Keratine Extreme range that has started to tickle my fancy and is actually working its natural, swanky hands on my unmanageable mane….. with soft luscious results!

The Phytokeratine exceptional care for ultimate repair is like an exceptional balm for your locks that contains an innovative combination of powerful botanical keratin with two precious active ingredients for double botanical repair action. The botanical keratin used by PHYTO consists of 18 amino acids with biomimetic properties that replicate natural keratin, is injected into the deepest layers of the hair shaft in order to fill in the gaps and rebuild the initial architecture of hair.

The results? Intense hydration, improved shine and more manageable locks.

What products would you recommend to boost hydration?

*These were kindly gifted to me for editorial consideration

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