For those who know me, you will know that I am not the best traveller. If there is a common disease or lurgy that tourists pick up in that area: I WILL get it… and then some. But, I am a wealth of knowledge when it comes to safe and healthy travel so thought I would share some of my tips and tricks for a better holiday to keep you out of the hospital and on the beach, sipping Mimosas and earning yourself a (safe) tan (always wear sunscreen people).

Be wary of where and what you eat

The amount of times I have gotten food poisoning whilst travelling is actually laughable. It all started with a dodgey train meal in Vietnam when I was 16 that lead to my Guts’ demise (with a severe case of Salmonella), and now frequents itself with food poisoning 5 Star hotels in Hong Kong and a small dose of ‘I-cant-stomach-this-Fish-dish’ in Austria. If there is a dodgey meal, my Intestines can sniff it out and consume it. So, being wary and putting your smarts to use when travelling is imperative. Nobody wants to end up in the hospital or clogging up an aeroplane toilet on their way home (been there, done that – ain’t letting history repeat itself), so do your research and only eat at a reputable restaurant, try to drink bottled or filtered water and just be smart about what you put in to your body.

I also tend to avoid street food as much as possible. Sure, they are delicious, but I will inevitably pick out the only stand that has low health standards #MurphysLaw.

tips for safe travel

Remember to always protect your skin by wearing sunscreen


Honestly, probably the best tip I can give to any traveller visiting a new country is to vaccinate. Always research if and what vaccinations you need before travelling – this will save you a lot of health issues in the future.

The Boots Travel Vaccination and Health Advice Service can offer advice and support prior to your travels. From the correct travel vaccinations and malaria prevention for your destination, to everything you will need to stay healthy and sane on your travels. They have a team of Pharmacists you are well-versed on the topic and getting an appointment is simple – simply chuck your details of your trip into boots.com quick online check tool and wallah! a treasure trove of info and what you will need.

Are you now thinking – shit, I didn’t even think I would need to vaccinate? Never fear – last minute treatment options are available. It is better to be protected; even if it is at the last minute; than having no protection at all. Boots UK can provide you with the best protection options; for example (did you know), some malaria prevention medication can be started one to two days before departure. With over 2,300 Boots stores across the UK which offer the malaria prevention service, you can rest easy knowing that no mozzie stands a chance against you now that you are protecting yourself.

tips for safe travel

dress for the weather – this will save you unnecessary sunburns, hyperthermia and worse.

Prepare your health

I am a keen advocate for preparing my belly for travel. This mostly just involves taking a big dose of Probiotics and Fish Oil prior to leaving. I take Boots Probiotics every day in general, but ensure I am super vigilant about taking them and eating foods higher in good bacteria 2 weeks before I leave.

I also take double doses of Krill Oil two days before I fly to reduce inflammation and drinking 2L of Coconut water too for hydration. Your body take a beating when you fly so it imperative to do as much as you can to make the transition to a new place, as smooth as possible.

Trust me, preparing before you leave will ensure you have a healthier (and funner) journey.

tips for safe travel

Always be prepared for emergencies by carrying a First Aid Kit

I like to think of myself as a keen girl scout and as the motto goes, I like to always be prepared. So, you could imagine, being slightly anal about organisation and preparedness, that I ALWAYS carry a First Aid kit with me on my travels. Sure, it might sound bulky and annoying, but you never know when you are going to need a sling or bandaid for those blisters.

I always end up as the go-to girl when I travel – maybe others should start cottoning on that they should be travelling with a kit, too?!


*This post was bought to you by Boots.com

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