I am pale! Like seriously, Casper thinks I am related thanks to our similar opaqueness…My Edward-Cullen-rivalling see-throughness! Honestly, you wouldn’t even think I had spent most of my life living in Australia with the fact that my veins are the most ‘colour’ on my body. So you might understand why I have such a (new-found) obsession with a good fake tan!

One day; on my quest to look more Australian than British; I tried my hand at a popular (and expensive) fake tan. Neckminut, I was Rihanna tan. This was my turning point of then I realised that: a – A dark, dark tan was not my “thing”. And b – I was not venturing out of the house that weekend (initiate sloth-mode)! It was after this fake tan faux par that I discovered the miracle that is St Tropez Self Tan Mousseand St Tropez Classic Tan Booster* – the perfect combination of natural and ‘just spent a week in the Caribean’, kinda colour (and the best accompaniment to extending your colour).

The Self Tan Mousse is by far my favourite tan to have ever blessed this planet. Why? Cause it is simple to use (i.e Lucy-proof), gives me a golden (but not too obvious tan), lasts 3-5 days (depending if I exercise or not) and is infused with Vitamin E to protect and repair my skin. I used to be obsessed with a competitor product, but it was SOOOOO drying. I used to look like an Armadillo – tan, but scaly. I thought it was normal until I gave this beauty a whirl.

Oh, and apparently it has won multiple awards – basically, it is the tan version of a basic-bitch #Booyah!

Let’s be real, I am kinda lazy when it comes to life. I really am not sure how I can call myself a beauty blogger when I find taking my makeup off a chore, and exfoliating the bane of my existence. Sure, I bloody love the feeling of AFTER doing these things – but the thought of attempting them, (at the time) makes me want to gauge my eyes out with a blunt fork. Hence, why the Classic Tan Booster is LEGIT my BFF! Not only does it mean I don’t have to tan as often, but it also means that I can reduce the amount of days that I am Casper-the-not-so-friendly-ghost, and save all of London from said frightful event!

The Classic Tan Booster is; as one would expect from the name; a lightweight lotion that gives the skin the ultimate boost in colour and is designed to prolong your St Tropez tan (extending it by up to 3 days). Potentially why I have always got one in reserve (at all times)!

Rocking a little St Tropez colour on the red carpet at the BAFTAs earlier this year. This was 5 days after application - impressive, yeah?!

Rocking a little St Tropez colour on the red carpet at the BAFTAs earlier this year. This was 5 days after application – impressive, yeah?!

Now, these are the only two products from the St Tropez range that I have tried – but I do know there are PLENTY more, and are (I am sure) just as brilliant as these two life-savers!

What kind of tan do you use?

St Tropez Tan Booster and Self Tan Mousse is available at Boots in the UK and Priceline in Australia

* PR Gifts – but have repurchased since.

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